Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015 Golden Anti-Gravity Epic Century Recap

Views from the top of (the very steep) Crawford Gulch Road (on a slightly sunnier afternoon) 
Event Summary:

3 Courses with LOTS of climbing (and descending) in the foothills to the west of Golden, Colorado. Each course also featured many miles of dirt and gravel roads, including the climb over Virginia Canyon (Oh My God Rd), connecting Idaho Springs to Black Hawk:
  • Long Course: 119 miles, 16,000+ feet of climbing(!)
  • Medium Course: 95 miles, 12,000+ feet of climbing. (Really anything that was longer than the short course and had more climbing than the short course counted toward completion of the medium course)
  • Short Course: 82 miles, 10,000+ feet of climbing
Time limit: All riders had 12 hours to complete their course of choice.

Special thanks to Scott and Jolene Grow, who supported participants with water and cookies in Golden Gate Canyon!!

  • 15 starters (All men. Alas...no women), including many new faces to the club. Welcome to all of you! 
    • Long-course finishers: 4
      • Trevor Connor*
      • Mark Lowe
      • Tom Miller
      • Steve Rudolph
    • Medium-course finishers: 5
      • Chris Baker
      • Graham Barnes**
      • Chris Case
      • Jason Kaminski
      • Todd LeBlanc
    • Short-course finishers: 4
      • Zach Johnson
      • Dan McDonald
      • Mark Pfeil
      • Andy Stockman
*Completed the challenging long course in 9 hours, 31 minutes
**Completed the long course, but finished after the 12 hour time limit

Trevor Connor, Chris Case, Steve Rudolph, and Tom Miller at the top of Lininger Drive,
the first climb during a long day of climbing!
Mark Pfeil on Lininger Drive
Andy Stockman, Zach Johnson, and Tom Miller approach the steep, windy descent
down Little Bear Creek Rd at Squaw Pass
Chris Baker demonstrates good form at Squaw Pass

Jason Kaminski approaches Squaw Pass
Todd LeBlanc takes a breather in Idaho Springs
Jason Turner gets ready to climb the challenging Virginia Canyon Rd (Oh My God Road)
Scenic views from Oh My God Road

Mt. Evans, Colorado's Queen Climb, as viewed from Virginia Canyon

Featuring grades as steep as 25% on dirt roads, Robinson Hill Rd has its cruel moments!

Next up: Foothills Climbfest, Saturday, May 23, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Triple Crown and Challenge Series Updates

Wow! It's already April! Lots of good things coming up!

1) Registration for this year's Colorado Triple Crown is now open (Colorado Triple Crown Registration) and registrations are slowly starting trickle in. We'll try to keep the rosters as updated as possible. Rosters are located on the right side bar of this blog.

2) Our two Challenge Series events are coming up next month in May! These events will surely help riders get ready for this year's Colorado Triple Crown.

  • The Golden Anti-Gravity Epic Century
    • Date: Saturday, May 2, 2015
    • Time: Check-in time starts at 6:00 am. Ride starts promptly at 7:00 am. Please be ready to ride by 6:45 am for last minute pre-ride instructions. 
    • Location: Golden, CO, Coors Tek parking lot, 10th and Jackson St. 
    • Brief description: A behemoth day of climbing, guaranteed to test your physical and mental fortitude! Three different routes will be available this year. All three courses have a similar start and feature of mixture of paved and gravel/packed dirt roads.  Recommended tire size: the largest tires that your road bike can accommodate. 28 mm to 35 mm would be ideal, although experienced gravel road riders may be able to complete the entire route on 23 mm tires.
    • Time limit: Riders will have 12 hours to complete their course of choice.
    • Results: Results are based on whether or not a rider successfully completes the course he chooses to ride, NOT finishing times. Only riders who successfully finish will be listed.
    • Support: This ride is mostly self-supported. There are many places to self-support along this course (Bergen Park, Idaho Springs, Black Hawk, Dory Hill Campground.
      • There will be a RMCC water support vehicle at the Golden Gate Visitor Center from roughly 1 pm to 4 pm.
      • Consider riding with a small hydration pack for extra water. (You will probably not even need to fill the pack with water until Idaho Springs.)
    • Courses. Please study the routes in advance! Maps and cue sheets will be available at check-in:
  • Foothills Climbfest
    • Date: Saturday, May 23, 2015
    • Time: Check-in: 7:00 - 7:50. Ride starts promptly at 8:00 am. This ride will be run in conjunction with the regular RMCC ride.
    • Location: Littleton, CO, Ken Caryl RTD park-n-ride, 1/4 mile east of C-470 
    • Brief description: This timed event features over 8,000 feet of climbing in 80 miles is a final tune-up for the Colorado Triple Crown.  
    • Time limit: 7 hours
    • Results: Results will be posted in order of finishing time.

2015 Colorado High Country Double Century Roster

2015 Colorado High Country Double Century (updated May 20, 2015):
  1. Baker, Chris (Firestone, CO)
  2. Horwood, Josh (Loveland, CO)
  3. Howell, Craig (Littleton, CO)
  4. Knowles, Paul (Boulder, CO)
  5. Lowe, Mark (Arvada, CO)
  6. Nelsen, Eric (Evergreen, CO)
  7. Nelson, David (Greenwood Village, CO)
  8. Rainwater, James (Nederland, CO)
  9. Rupel, Ray (Centennial, CO
  10. Sendor, Jon (Denver, CO)
  11. Smith, Vernon (Colorado Springs, CO)
  12. Stefely, Ernie (Arvada, CO)
  13. Tumminello, Lisa Renee (Steamboat Springs, CO)
  14. Turkaly, Edward (Black Hawk, CO)
  15. Turek, Michael (Longmont, CO)

2015 Colorado Death Ride Roster

2015 Colorado Death Ride Roster (updated May 4, 2015):
  1. Feinman, Larry (Lafayette, CO)
  2. Henderson, Michael (Dolores, CO)
  3. Horwood, Josh (Loveland, CO)
  4. Howell, Craig (Littleton, CO)
  5. Kaminski, Jason (Longmont, CO)
  6. Lapkass, Andy (Breckenridge, CO)
  7. Lowe, Mark (Arvada, CO)
  8. Nelsen, Eric (Evergreen, CO)
  9. Nelson, David (Greenwood Village, CO)
  10. Smith, Vernon (Colorado Springs, CO)
  11. Stokes, Colin (Mission Viejo, CA)

2015 Colorado Classic Double Century Roster

2015 Colorado Classic Double Century Roster (updated May 19, 2015):
  1. Henderson, Michael (Dolores, CO)
  2. Kaminski, Jason (Longmont, CO)
  3. Lowe, Mark (Arvada, CO)
  4. Nelsen, Eric (Evergreen, CO)
  5. Stokes, Colin (Mission Viejo, CA)

2015 Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop Roster

2015 Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop Roster (updated May 4, 2015):
  1. Henderson, Michael (Dolores, CO)
  2. Howell, Craig (Littleton, CO
  3. Kaminski, Jason (Longmont, CO)
  4. Lowe, Mark (Arvada, CO)
  5. Nelsen, Eric (Evergreen, CO)
  6. Nelson, David (Greenwood Village, CO)
  7. Smith, Vernon (Colorado Springs, CO)
  8. Stokes, Colin (Mission Viejo, CA)

2015 Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Roster

2015 Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic Roster (updated May 5, 2015):
  1. Legagnoux, Thierry (Ableiges, FR)
  2. Lowe, Mark (Arvada, CO)
  3. Nelsen, Eric (Evergreen, CO)
  4. Nelson, David (Greenwood Village, CO)