Sunday, March 30, 2014

Golden Anti-Gravity Epic Century Preview

The primary goal of the RMCC Challenge Series is to offer rides and events to RMCC members that are EPIC in nature. These are rides that most sane riders would never attempt on their own, rides that are incredibly challenging, and rides that  instill a sense of accomplishment! These rides are also excellent preparation for the much more difficult Triple Crown events later in the summer!

The Boulder Fearsome Five is one such ride. Climbing Boulder County's five steepest climbs (including some dirt sections along the way), the BF5 climbs well over 15,000 feet in just 100 miles, making it perhaps one of the most difficult road centuries in North America. Unfortunately, September's epic flooding in Boulder County left many of the canyon roads we use for BF5, including James Canyon and Fourmile Canyon, with damage that will very likely make these roads a bit unsafe to ride by May 2014. Well…never fear!!

Lookout Mountain Road is best known climb out of the Golden area.
But trust me…there are many other hidden gems begging to be ridden!
The RMCC presents…..(tah, dah)….the Golden Anti-Gravity Epic Century! The Golden Anti-Gravity supplants the Boulder Fearsome Five on our ride calendar for 2014 to ensure that RMCCers get their fair share of suffering in early May! And I must admit that there are some real gems during this ride...roads that unfamiliar to most Front Range cyclists! If names like Lininger Drive, Little Bear Creek Road, Virginia Canyon Road, Dory Hill Road, Mountain Base Road, Douglas Mountain Road, and Robinson Hill Road don't scare you now, they will by the end of this ride! And...believe it or not...this course may actually be more difficult than the BF5!

Here's a few details about the ride:
  1. Date: Sunday, May 4, 2014. Rain or shine. 
  2. Time: Check-in at 6:00 am - 6:45 am. Ride start at 7:00 am.
  3. Start location: Golden, CO, Coors Tek Parking Lot, 11th and Jackson St.
  4. Course: Here's a sneak preview of the course we will use for 2014: Golden AntiGravity. 115 miles, 15,000+ feet of climbing! The course will include a variety of paved and dirt/gravel roads...some of the most scenic and hilly roads that we can find in the Golden area! There are some real gems that will likely be included in this route! Final course TBD, based on weather and road conditions! 
  5. Time limit: Riders will have 12 hours (avg. speed 9.58 mph) to complete this challenging course.  
  6. Membership: RMCC membership is required to participate in this event. If you're not a club member and would like to participate, please sign up: RMCC membership. RMCC membership is extremely affordable ($25/year) and gives all riders the ability to participate in other special club events during the 2014 calendar year. 
  7. Registration: Riders will be required to preregister for this event (i.e., There will not be registration available on May 4). Registration will open this week on the RMCC website and close on Friday, May 2 at 10:00 pm. 
  8. Registration fee: None! Our main goal of this event is to encourage participation for RMCC members! 
  9. Results: Please keep in mind that this event is NOT a race! The primary goal is to finish this ride safely within the 12 hour time limit. Results will be posted based on whether or not you successfully complete the course, not finishing times. And we will only list the names of those riders who successfully complete the entire course, not those names who DNF. So for those of you who are concerned about not finishing this extremely challenging ride, you will have nothing to lose! Here's your chance to throw your name in the ring without worrying about embarrassing you or your loved ones...
  10. Support: Like other RMCC Challenge Series events, the RMCC will provide limited support, including water and a few snacks, to help riders complete this route. Otherwise, riders must complete the course in a self-sufficient manner. Private SAG support will not be allowed and riders receiving outside support will be disqualified. 
  11. Drop bags: Riders may keep a small drop bag (including food, clothing, and other supplies that the riders might need to successfully complete the course) in the support vehicle. Participants may access their drop bags at checkpoints along the course.
  12. Special notes: 1) This course can be ridden on a standard road bike. But I would highly recommend 28 mm (or greater) tires. You will greatly appreciate the wider tires on the many dirt and gravel roads! Cyclocross bikes may be ideal a times. 2) A couple of the climbs included in this ride are incredibly steep...greater than 20% grade! Please be prepared for the fact that you may need to hike your bike through the steepest sections...and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Consider using your mountain bike shoes (and pedals) if you don't want to hike in your road shoes.
We're very excited for the possibilities for this new route! It will definitely include quite a bit of new terrain that the RMCC has never ridden before. A ride that will be comparable to the D2R2 brevet contested each summer in Massachusettes. But be forewarned! This ride will be wicked hard!! There will be lots of climbing, lots of dirt (much more dirt than the BF5!), perhaps even a few short "hike-a-bike" sections, and yes…..lots of suffering!! And in the end, I think there's a distinctive possibility that many riders will be begging for the return of the Boulder Fearsome Five for 2015.

Here's a preview of some of the roads and scenery that participants will encounter during the epic Golden AntiGravity:

Running through the heart of Golden Gate State Park, Mountain Base Rd is one of Jefferson County's steepest climbs, reaching grades as steep as 19%!

Crawford Gulch Road offers a unique blend of pavement and gravel. But be prepared…this road is steep!!  
Scenic views from Lininger Drive, a hidden gem only accessible from Grapevine Road, nestled between Idledale and Genesee
Oh My God! You can't be serious?!? (Yes...we are! :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 Colorado Triple Crown Registration

March 1, 2014 is almost here, and we hope to have registration for the events of the 2014 Colorado Triple Crown up and running on March 1st! Riders will have the option of signing up for the following events:

  1. Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic
  2. Colorado Death Ride
  3. Cripple Creek Crippler
  4. Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop
  5. Cycle to Saturn Double Century (and Epic Century)  

Here are a few notes and reminders about the registration process:

  1. For 2014, participants will have the option of completing an on-line application (preferred method) OR a downloadable application form (print, fill in and mail in with check). 
  2. On-line registration will involve completing both an online application form AND an online payment form (through the RMCC's new Paypal account). To secure a spot on an event roster, the application form must be entirely filled out AND your payment must be received.
  3. Each event has a $40 registration fee...not super-expensive! Just enough to cover our expenses for running these epic events! RMCC membership is also required to participate. If you're not currently a RMCC member and want to participate, please remember to sign up for the club as well! ($25/year). 
  4. Each event has a 50 rider limit. Registration for each event will be available on a first come, first serve basis! We've never reached our 50 rider cap for any event, but please don't dilly-dally with your registration! If we do manage to reach our 50 rider limit, registration for that event will be closed for 2014! For Cycle to Saturn participants, the 50 rider cap includes both the Double Century and Epic Century participants. 
  5. Registration for each individual event closes 2 days prior to the start of the event. 
  6. For 2014, we will once again offer refunds to riders who withdraw from an event 2 weeks prior the event date. Refunds will not be offered for riders who withdraw less than 2 weeks prior to event. Please refer to the specific event for more details about the withdrawal dates.  
  7. Participants can keep track of the rider rosters on the Colorado Triple Crown blog to determine  their application has been processed . Bottom line...if you see your name on an event roster, you're in!
  8. Volunteers...we are always looking for additional help!! If you provide a family member or friend to provide volunteer support for an event (i.e., for all of the participants, not just a personal support vehicle for yourself), we will waive your registration fee for that particular event. If you personally provide volunteer support for any of the events, we will waive your registration fees for the entire series for 2014!! 
Good luck with registration and please let me know if you have any questions!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Change that Date!

Change that Date!!

We wanted to give everyone the "heads up" that we're moving the Cycle-to-Saturn Epic and Double Century from August 23, 2014 to August 16, 2014 to avoid a potential conflict with the Colorado Pro Cycling Challenge.

Update your calendars now!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

New for 2014!

Guanella Pass Road will make its debut in the Colorado Triple Crown during the inaugural Cycle to Saturn Epic Century and Double Century

What's new for 2014?? Well…quite a bit!  We're busy making preparations for 2014 and there are a few exciting changes in the works…
  1. First, to mix things up a bit for 2014, we're adding a fifth Colorado Triple Crown event: the Cycle to Saturn Double Century, which will be contested on Saturday, August 16, 2014. We're very excited about the new event, which is a reincarnation of the course used during the Saturn Cycling Classic pro bike race (plus a little extra!) from 2000 to 2002. It's an extremely challenging route, including 200+ miles, 20,000 feet of climbing, nine categorized climbs (including three climbs over 11,000 feet), and 10 miles of gnarly gravel roads (mostly in the downhill direction)! We will also be simultaneously contesting a shorter version of the event, from Golden to Breckenridge (140 miles, 14,000 feet), giving riders who aren't interested in completing a double century the opportunity to complete the major climbs of the original Saturn Cycling Classic. However, only riders who complete the double century will be eligible for Colorado Triple Crown credit. 
  2. For 2014, participants must complete three of the five Triple Crown events to officially complete the Colorado Triple Crown series.
  3. Because we are offering a fifth Triple Crown event in 2014, there will not be a make-up date on the calendar for 2014. If one of the events gets cancelled because of terrible weather, forest fires, or other factors that are out of our control, then riders who are planning to complete the Colorado Triple Crown will need to complete one of the other events. Please be forewarned and plan ahead!
  4. The Colorado Death Ride will once again start (and end) in Durango. The Death Ride will move back to the Independence Day weekend (Saturday, July 5, 2014), which will allow participants to travel back and forth from the Denver area without having to use vacation time. Please include Sunday, July 6, 2014 on your calendar as a possible make-up date for this ride if we would be unable to ride on July 5 due to factors that are out of our control. If we could not contest the event of July 5 or 6, then the Death Ride would be cancelled for 2014. 
  5. The original three events of the Colorado Triple Crown (Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic, Colorado Death Ride, and Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop) will remain part of the Colorado Triple Crown Stage Race. As in previous years, the fastest cumulative time of these events will be crowned Colorado Triple Crown Champion for 2014.
  6. Again, to recognize participants for completing the Triple Crown series, riders will be eligible for our Colorado Triple Crown cycling kits created by Alchemist Threadworks in Boulder. For 2014, we are planning a revision of the kit which might include some slightly "cooler" (i.e., more reflective) colors. More on this to come in 2014.

Eben G. Fine Park, the starting location of the Boulder Fearsome Five, under water during September's epic flooding.

Regarding the Short Course events of the RMCC Challenge Series,
  1. We regretfully must postpone the Boulder Fearsome Five until 2015. Unfortunately, this past September's epic flooding in the Boulder area left many of the canyon roads that we use for the BF5 course, including Fourmile Canyon and James Canyon, with major damage that will not be repaired by May 2014…..But no need to fret! We are in the process of creating a new and extremely challenging century ride out of the Golden area to take the place of the BF5 for 2014. We've dubbed this new event the "Golden Anti-Gravity Epic Century." This new route, which will cover many of the lesser traveled roads in the foothills to the west of Golden, will certainly rival the Fearsome Five in terms of sheer vertical gain. It will also have more that its share (lots more!!) of dirt and gravel roads to satisfy the needs of any cyclist who wants to get their road bike a little dirty! More to come on this in 2014!
  2. The Copper Triangle has been taken off the Challenge Series Calendar for 2014. We've decided that by the end of the season, more riders are interested in riding this classic Colorado route for fun than as a timed club event. The Copper Triangle will remain on the RMCC ride schedule as a club ride for 2014. This club ride is great way to spend a day with your RMCC friends, checking out some of the early autumn foliage and kicking off the fall riding season. 
Volunteers…I'm always looking (and begging) for volunteer help to help make our Challenge Series and Triple Crown events run smoothly! Obviously, some of the events, especially those of the Triple Crown, are BIG time commitments. But we do our best to generously compensate our volunteers for their mileage. If anyone is interested in helping out, please let me know! We can't run these events in their current form without your help!!



Mark, Seth, and Galen at the conclusion of the 2013 Copper Triangle (80 miles, 7,000 feet of climbing).  After a "bomber" descent down the eastern slopes of Vail Pass, Galen posted a finishing time of 3:59, with Seth and Mark less than 30 seconds behind. It was the first sub-four-hour finishing time for the Copper Triangle in RMCC history! Unfortunately, official results were washed away in this fall's flooding before we got a chance to post them…

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Get Ready to Cycle to Saturn!

Geez! That's a really long ways!!

We here at the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club are always dreaming of new rides, especially EPIC ones! We sit at home late at night, staring at Colorado state maps and conjuring up new (and sometimes sadistic) ways to challenge our club members. We're constantly searching for the next BIG ride! Well, a little review of Colorado cycling folklore was the source of inspiration for the newest addition to the Colorado Triple Crown. The RMCC presents: the Cycle to Saturn Epic Century and Double Century, a reincarnation (of sorts) of Colorado's most epic road bicycle race…the Saturn Cycling Classic!!

First, a little background...

The Saturn Cycling Classic, contested from 2000 to 2002, was one of the most epic (and brutal) road races ever ridden by the professional peloton in the U.S. The traditional Boulder-to-Breckenridge route boasted an average altitude of over 9,000 feet, climbing over 14,000 vertical feet in 140 miles! Covering a mixture of paved and (nasty) gravel roads, it was perhaps the most difficult single-day road race ever contested in the United States. Of the 190+ riders who started the race each year, perhaps only 20 riders would even finish. In spite of this fact, the race attracted some of the U.S.'s biggest cycling stars, including Scott Moninger, Jonathan Vaughters, Chris Wherry, and 2014 Vuelta winner, Chris Horner. It was Colorado's defining road race! In 2014, RMCCers will get the opportunity to experience this legendary cycling route, a course that only a few dozen professional riders have ever completed! Participants will have the option of completing the Cycle to Saturn route as an "epic" 140-mile century OR (for those riders who are attempting to receive Colorado Triple Crown credit) a 200-mile double century. Get ready for our next BIG adventure! Get ready to Cycle to Saturn!!

Spectacular views of the Continental Divide along Loveland Pass.

Event: Cycle to Saturn

  • Epic Century (Golden-to-Breckenridge): 140 miles, 14,000 feet*
  • Double Century: 214 miles, 20,000+ feet*

Date: Saturday, August 16, 2014

Start location: Golden, Coors Tek Parking lot, 10th and Jackson Street.

/Start: 3:00 am/4:00 am. Both events will start simultaneously.*

Finish location:

  • Epic Century: Breckenridge (TBD)
  • Double Century: Golden, Coors Tek Parking lot

Map/cue sheet (preliminary): Cycle to Saturn Epic Century and Double Century. Official cue sheet with map and checkpoints TBD in 2014.

Rider limit: 50

Entry fee: $40 (for both events). Includes limited SAG support. RMCC membership ($25/year) also required. For more information regarding RMCC membership, select here: RMCC Membership.

Registration: Preregistration required. Registration for both events will open 3/1/2014. Registration closes on August 14, 2014. Participants may withdraw by August 2, 2014 for a full refund. After August 2, 2014, no refunds will be granted. Registration will be available on the RMCC website starting 3/1/2014.

Qualification is required to participate in the Cycle to Saturn Epic Century and Double Century.
  • Epic Century:  Riders must complete one of the RMCC 200 km brevets in 2014 in less than 9 hours (i.e., total elapsed time, including rest stops). Completion of Team Evergreen's Triple Bypass (either direction) in 2013 or 2014 in less than 9.5 hours may also be used as a pre-qualifier for the epic century event (Garmin GPS data required for verification). 
  • Double Century: Please refer to the Registration link on this blog for more information regarding pre-qualification. Please e-mail Mark Lowe ( with specific questions.
Results: Please note that both the Cycle to Saturn Century and Double Century are timed events, but NOT races. Results will be posted in order of finishing time.

Time limits. Participants attempting either event must finish within the time limits to receive an official finishing time.
  • Epic Century: 12 hours (average speed 11.7 mph)  
  • Double Century: 19 hours (average speed 11.3 mph)
  • Note: The course will also have intermediary check points and time cut-offs (TBD).  Participants for both events must reach these checkpoints to receive an official finishing time.
Event Organizer: For specific questions about the event, contact Mark Lowe:

Rider leader: Charlie Henderson:

Additional Notes:
  1. Support. RMCC will provide limited SAG support. Personal support vehicles allowed (See Rules, Regulations, and Safety).
  2. Lights. Lights and reflective gear are required.
  3. Transportation. Riders completing the Golden-to-Breck Epic Century will need to arrange for their own transportation back to Golden. RMCC will not provide transportation back to Golden.
  4. Rules and Regulations. Please refer to the Colorado Triple Crown Overview for more information. 
  5. UMCA. The Cycle to Saturn Double Century is an Ultramarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) Ultracycling Cup event for 2014. For more information about the UMCA, select: UMCA
*Subject to change. Please follow the blog for more details in 2014. 

The course elevation profile of the Cycle to Saturn Double Century course is a bit
daunting because of its monstrous alpine climbs! 

The original Boulder-to-Breckenridge route featured six major climbs, including two passes over 11,000 feet! The start of our event, however, will deviate slightly from the original route. Our event will start in Golden, not Boulder. Starting in Golden allows double century riders to more easily start and finish in the same location.  However, the crux of the original Saturn Cycling Classic route--Coal Creek Canyon, Virginia Canyon, Guanella Pass, Kenosha Pass, and Hoosier Pass--will be preserved. Double century riders will have the added bonus of climbing three additional categorized climbs--Swan Mountain Road, Loveland Pass, and (the dreaded) Floyd Hill--before making the final descent down Lookout Mountain into Golden.

Here's a brief synopsis of the major climbs of the Cycle to Saturn Epic Century and Double Century:

Views of Tremont Mountain from Golden Gate State Park
Coal Creek Canyon (Category 1)
Starting in Golden, CO, participants will tackle a short series of rollers along US 93 to the north of Golden. Riders will then turn west onto Coal Creek Canyon Road (CO-72), the first major climbing challenge of the day. Coal Creek Canyon is a "grind" of a climb, ascending 3,000 feet before reaching the foothills community of Wondervu. From Wondervu, Coal Creek Canyon Road makes a short but windy descent into the community of Pinecliffe, before gradually climbing again toward the Peak-to-Peak Highway. Upon reaching the Peak-to-Peak Highway (US-119), riders will turn south onto US-119, continuing to climb gradually to the summit of Golden Gate Canyon. Riders will then make a short plunge toward to (cycling friendly) gambling communities of Black Hawk and Central City.

Note: We are currently entertaining the idea of climbing Golden Gate Canyon instead of Coal Creek Canyon as the first major climb of the day for several reasons. First, after this past September's epic flooding which caused severe road damage in many of the Front Range canyons including Coal Creek Canyon, there is no guarantee that Coal Creek Canyon will remain officially open to cyclists next summer, especially as permanent road repairs begin in earnest. Second, Golden Gate Canyon has less residential traffic than Coal Creek Canyon, making it a potentially safer canyon to ascend during the pre-dawn hours. Finally, ascending Golden Gate Canyon shortens the route a bit (14 miles for double century riders), making it a more attainable goal for those riders who are hoping to obtain Colorado Triple Crown credit…..more to come in 2014!

With epic views of the Mt. Evans Wilderness to the north, Oh, My God Road originally served as a stagecoach road for shuttling supplies between Idaho Springs, Russel Gulch (one of Colorado's best-preserved ghost towns), and
Central City. It is certain to challenge to the downhill cycling skills of each Cycle to Saturn participant!

Virginia Canyon Road (a.k.a. Oh, My God Road, elev 9,383 feet)
Nestled between Central City (elev. 8,510 feet) and Idaho Springs (elev. 7,581 feet) is Oh, My God Road, an 8.5 mile stretch of mixed dirt, gravel, and pavement with steep drop-offs, plentiful switchbacks, and no guardrails! Once participants complete the steep 800+ foot Category 3 climb, riders must then navigate the tricky, technical descent (approximately six miles of dirt, gravel, and some pavement), descending 1,800 feet into Idaho Springs (elev. 7,526 feet).

Connecting Interstate 70 in the north to US-285 in the south, Guanella Pass Road provides convenient access to
Mt. Bierstadt, one of Colorado's most popular 14ers! 

Guanella Pass (elev. 11,669 feet, HC category)
Providing spectacular views of Mt. Bierstadt, Guanella Pass links Georgetown (elev. 8,530 feet) along I-70 to Grant (elev. 8,606 feet) along US-285 to the south. Guanella Pass is a daunting "hors cat├ęgorie" (i.e., HC) climb with sustained grades of 8-9%, ascending 3,200 feet in 11 miles from Georgetown. From 2000-2002, Guanella Pass was the "make or break" climb (and descent) of the Saturn Cycling Classic, as the outcome of the race was always determined by this technical road! At the top of the pass, which was a very rough dirt and gravel road, many racers would switch to mountain bikes to minimize the risk of flat tires or other mechanical problems before making the 3,000 foot plunge toward Grant. (However, only those riders who were in the main breakaway were allowed this luxury.)  From 2009 - 2011, a massive paving project spearheaded by the Federal Highway Administration, led to the paving of the northern side of the pass. As of September 2011, the paving efforts on the northern side of the pass are complete, making the northern aspects of Guanella Pass a road cyclist's dream with smooth, pristine blacktop. However, the southern side of the pass, particularly the southernmost 1/2 of the descent, is still in disrepair, with choppy pavement, large potholes, and a four mile section of dirt, gravel, and heavy (nasty!) washboard. This, of course, will help capture some of the essence of the original Saturn Cycling Classic from over a decade ago!

The descent down the western face of Kenosha Pass into the South Park Valley
is all too familiar to Denver-to-Aspen veterans! Nasty headwinds can make the 20-mile venture from Kenosha Pass to Fairplay a less than ideal experience!

Kenosha Pass (elev. 10,000 feet, Category 2) 
Kenosha Pass, the eastern gateway into the South Park Valley, is a pass that is all too familiar to Denver-to-Aspen participants! The climb to the Kenosha Pass summit is a gradual seven mile climb from Grant, gaining 1,400 feet along the way. Although US-285 has quite a bit of traffic, this section of the highway from Grant to Fairplay, has a safe shoulder to ride on and is now rumble strip free. After cresting Kenosha Pass, riders will continue west toward Fairplay, CO.

Red Hill Pass is a short climb from the east, but can take its toll on weary legs.

Red Hill Pass (elev. 10,051 feet, Category 4)
Flanked by red hills on both sides of the summit, Red Hill Pass lies four miles to the northeast of Fairplay (elev. 9,953 feet). It is a short climb...less than two miles in length. It is really just a small "bump" on the course elevation profile. But this climb can feel extremely difficult to weary legs, especially after 110+ miles and five climbs…and even more so if the prevailing winds are out of the west!

Views into Summit County from near the summit of Hoosier Pass

Hoosier Pass (elev. 11,542 feet, Category 2)
Along CO-9 between Fairplay and Breckenridge, Hoosier Pass is the southern gateway into Summit County. It is the second major high alpine climb that Cycle to Saturn participants will encounter. And for epic century riders, the ascent over Hoosier pass will be their last major climb of the day. Hoosier pass is an 11-mile climb from Fairplay, gaining approximately 1,600 feet and reaching maximum grades of 8%.  After cresting the summit of the pass, riders will encounter a steep, twisty descent down the north face of the pass toward the ski community of Breckenridge. Breckenridge is the final stop for Cycle to Saturn Epic Century participants. For double century participants, their journey continues...

Swan Mtn Road, which skirts the southeast aspects of Dillon Reservoir, is a short (but steep) link between Breckenridge and Loveland Pass Road 

Swan Mountain Road (Category 4)
From Breckenridge, double century riders will begin their difficult journey home. Traveling north along CO-9, riders will turn east onto Swan Mountain Road, which connects CO-9 to Loveland Pass Road, skirting the southeast corner of Dillon Reservoir. The climb over Swan Mountain Road is only 4 miles long, but its steep pitches will surely wreck havoc on the exhausted legs of riders, who will have climbed 15,000 feet by the time they reach the top of this short climb!

With its majestic high alpine vistas, Loveland Pass is one of Colorado's finest cycling passes.

Loveland Pass. (elev. 11,990 feet, Category 1)
Loveland Pass is a complete gem! Adorned by spectacular views of the Continental Divide, it is truly one of Colorado's most majestic mountain passes! Loveland Pass Road gains 2,630 feet in 8.7 miles from the Keystone ski resort. Weary riders will definitely want to have their digital cameras handy for this climb! At an altitude just shy of 12,000 feet, the views will certainly leave double century riders breathless! After cresting this spectacular pass, riders will make the exhilarating 4-mile plunge down the eastern face of the pass to the Loveland Ski Resort. From the resort, riders will jump on the recently constructed Continental Divide Trail as they continue the long descent toward Silver Plume and Georgetown.

Running parallel to I-70, the short (but steep) climb up the western face of Floyd Hill
can be a daunting task to exhausted riders!

Floyd Hill (Category 3)
Floyd Hill is a climb that is well-known to riders who have completed the Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop. The climb up the Floyd Hill frontage road (US-40) is a short, but challenging climb, gaining 710 feet in 1.8 miles with an average grade of 8%. After cresting Floyd Hill, riders will continue in the eastbound direction, tackling a final series of rollers through Bergen Park before making the final descent to Golden.

As double century riders return from Saturn, they will have completed over 20,000 of climbing for the day.  Riders will  most certainly embrace the final 5-mile descent down Lookout Mountain into Golden. 

More to come on this EPIC adventure in 2014. Stay tuned!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Save the Date! The 2014 Colorado Triple Crown!

Okay…after a few month hiatus, we're back in action, busy planning for 2014!! And yes…we have a few tricks up our sleeve for 2014!

Here's what's ahead for 2014:

2014 RMCC Short-Course Challenge Series Events:
  1. Sunday, May 4, 2014: Golden Anti-Gravity Century*
  2. Saturday, May 24, 2014: Foothills Climbfest
  3. Saturday, August 23, 2014: Cycle to Saturn Epic Century*

2014 Colorado Triple Crown: 
  1. Saturday, June 14, 2014: Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic
  2. Saturday, July 5, 2014: Colorado Death Ride
  3. Saturday, July 26, 2014: Cripple Creek Crippler
  4. Saturday, August 9, 2014: Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop
  5. Saturday, August 23, 2014: Cycle to Saturn Double Century*

*As you can see, there are a couple of new additions to our stable of events which will hopefully pique your interest. More details to come soon!

Name that foothills community! There's a very distinctive possibility that participants might be riding through Colorado's most cycling-friendly gambling communities during both of our new events in 2014!
Oh, my God! You can't be serious?!?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 Colorado Triple Crown Finishers

Congratulations to the following RMCC members for completing this year's Colorado Triple Crown, Colorado's most difficult road cycling series! This year's "class" had 19 finishers (including 11 fledgling ultra-cyclists), the largest Colorado Triple Crown class ever!

  1. Benoit, Diane
  2. Driscoll, Tom (CA)
  3. Howell, Craig
  4. Hulett, Jeffrey
  5. Jensen, Keith
  6. Knerl, Andrew
  7. Lowe, Mark
  8. Miller, Tom
  9. Nelsen, Eric
  10. Purul, Lisa
  11. Rudolph, Steve
  12. Schroer, Steve
  13. Secunda, Dave
  14. Shannon, Kelly
  15. Summerhill, Fran
  16. White, Andrew and Kami (tandem)
  17. Wiss, Dick

Although we don't have a special category for it (yet), congratulations to the following riders for completing all four rides of the series...the Colorado Triple Crown "Grand Slam" finishers:
  1. Howell, Craig
  2. Hulett, Jeffrey
  3. Lowe, Mark
  4. Miller, Tom
  5. Nelsen, Eric
  6. Rudolph, Steve
  7. Shannon, Kelly
  8. Stanton, Mark
The sun sets on the 2013 Colorado Triple Crown.