Monday, June 17, 2019

2019 Cripple Creek Crippler Results

Afternoon thundershower prevail during the 2019 Cripple Creek Crippler.

2019 Cripple Creek Crippler Results - 6/15/19
Course: 207 miles, 19,500 feet

14:18 - Keith Jensen        
14:39 - Jonathan Fey   
15:19 - Corinne Warren*
16:07 - Dustin Harding
16:41 - Jason Turner        
17:56 - Graham Barnes
18:49 - Mike Turek       
19:17 - Ricardo Stephen   
DNF - Caleb Carl          
DNF - Michael Bass        
DNF - Tom Ehlman         
DNF - Trent Hovenga   
DNF - Oksana Kovalenko  
DNF - Dave Nelson    

*New women’s course record      

Thanks to our volunteers!
Ray Rupel
Nat Schub
Erika Van Meter

2019 Colorado High Country Results

Jonathan Fey, Josh Peter, and Andy Stockman tear up Poudre Canyon
during the 2019 Colorado High  Country Double Century (Photo: Rico Stephen)

2019 Colorado High Country Results - 6/1/19
Course: 207 miles, 12,000 feet

10:20 - Caleb Carl*       
12:50 - Mark Lowe           
13:02 - Corinne Warren   
13:09 - Tom Miller           
13:47 - Jason Turner        
14:03 - Josh Peter           
14:03 - Rich Rodgers       
14:03 - Andy Stockman   
14:20 - Ray Rupel            
14:43 - Graham Barnes    
15:21 - Blaine Bates         
16:21 - Karl Sanchez  

*New men’s course record   

Thanks to our volunteers!
Dustin Harding
Rico Stephen

Anxious riders at the 4:00 AM start (Photo: Rico Stephen)

Caleb's trusty steed after the 207 mile adventure to Steamboat Springs.

Monday, May 27, 2019

2019 Cycle to Saturn Cancelled. Say it ain't so!?!

We regretfully must cancel this year's Cycle to Saturn Double Century on June 15, 2019. This year's heavy snowfall and avalanches have buried the bike trail along I-70 by the Loveland Ski Resort and it will not be open in time for our event. Unfortunately, this bike trail is an integral part of our course and we cannot legally re-route the course onto Interstate 70, which parallels the bike trail.

In it's place, we will substitute the Cripple Creek Crippler on June 15, 2019, another Front Range course that is just as challenging as Cycle to Saturn.

For riders who are planning on riding the Cripple Creek Crippler course this summer in an unsupported brevet format, they will now be allowed to ride any of the remaining Colorado Triple Crown courses without support for Triple Crown credit. Riders will need to complete the course of their choosing within the respective time limit for that event. These courses include:

  • Colorado Classic Double Century (if Cottonwood Pass re-opens this summer as planned)
  • Colorado Death Ride
  • Colorado Mesa Double Century
  • Cycle to Saturn (once the I-70 bike trail re-opens)
  • Denver to Aspen (once the I-70 bike trail re-opens)
  • Joe Lookingbill Denver to Aspen course
  • Kebler Kamikaze Double Century

2019 AntiEpic Gravel Grinder Results

Riding into the fog during the 2019 AntiEpic Gravel Grinder. Photo: Walter Zitz

Course: 206 miles, 11,000 feet of climbing
Time limit: 21 hours

2019 Results:
13:42 - Zitz, Walter
14:26 - Fey, Jonathan
14:31 - Stockman, Andy
15:14 - Jensen, Keith
15:14 - Rodgers, Rich
15:23 - Miller, Tom
17:24 - Heal, Steve
18:08 - Hovenga, Trent
18:29 - Rupel, Ray
19:19 - Stephen, Ricardo
DNF - Ehlman, Thomas
DNF - Kazilsky, Adam
DNF - Kovalenko, Oksana (F)

Chris Baker
Dustin Harding
Corinne Warren

Sunday, November 25, 2018

What's New for 2019?

Here's a sneak peak at the preliminary 2019 Colorado Triple Crown schedule: 

2019 Colorado Triple Crown Schedule

A few notes about the schedule:
  1. There are 5 events on the 2019 schedule plus 1 brevet-style event (i.e., no RMCC support). 
  2. We've designated the Cripple Creek Crippler course as the brevet-style course. The Cripple Creek Crippler course can be ridden on any day during the 2019 season and is meant to help more riders complete the series. Riders need to e-mail me in advance to let me know that they intend on riding this course for Colorado Triple Crown credit. Although the RMCC will not be providing support for this course, riders who choose to complete this course can ride with a personal support vehicle that can meet them at checkpoints along the course. The time limit for completing this course is 20 hours (total elapsed time). After completing the course, riders will need to send me GPS data (via Ride with GPS or Strava) to prove that they have successfully completed the course within the 20-hour time limit.
  3. To pique your interest, we will have one new event on the calendar for 2019: Colorado Tour de Moose. This new mixed terrain event is 205 miles long and includes 27 miles of well-maintained gravel roads. This ride starts and ends in Loveland, CO and climbs Old Fall River Road (unpaved) in Rocky Mountain National Pass, Willow Creek Pass, and Cameron Pass from the west, before making the long descent down the scenic Poudre Canyon. This event will have a rider cap of 24 participants.  
  4. As in 2018, we will also give Colorado Triple Crown credit for those riders who successfully complete the Death Ride Challenge on Sunday, June 9, 2019. This is a non-RMCC event and participants must complete the event within the official time limit for the event to receive Colorado Triple Crown credit. 
  5. Registration for this year's series will open on March 1, 2019. Registration fees will range from $20-$25 per event and will be non-transferrable and non-refundable. Please plan your schedule in advance. If we are not able to find volunteers/support vehicle drivers for an event, then that event will be free of charge. We will not charge a fee for an unsupported ride. 
  6. In the unfortunate situation of terrible weather, wildfires, other natural disasters, or road closures that makes it impossible to complete an event, that event can be ridden in brevet format (i.e, without RMCC support) on any day during 2019 for Colorado Triple Crown credit. Time limits will be lengthened by 1 hour for unsupported rides.
  7. As in previous seasons, RMCC membership ($25/year) is required to participate in the series. 
A few notes about volunteers:
  1. We need your help. All of us who have completed this series agree that these rides work best with volunteer support. It is possible to complete all of these courses without support, but to truly ride them quickly and in a semi-competitive format, it must be done with support. I'm not going to lie. Volunteering is a BIG commitment. It does involve getting up well before the crack of dawn and sometimes not finishing until well after the sun sets. But it can be a rewarding experience too. We do our best to pay for mileage and personal expenses (food, motels if necessary) for volunteers during the event.  Our goal is to make sure that volunteers are only giving up time, not money for supporting these rides.  
  2. We would like to have at least 1 volunteer per ride, but it is easier to support the rides with 2 volunteers per ride. 
  3. Volunteers can pre- or post-ride that event any time during 2019 to receive Colorado Triple Crown credit.
  4. If we do not have volunteers for an event in 2019, then it will be ridden in brevet format (i.e., without support).
  5. Please refer to the 2019 Colorado Triple Crown Schedule above to see which events still needs volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail:
    1. Mark Lowe ( OR 
    2. Corinne Warren ( 

2019 Colorado Tour de Moose

Participants will be on the lookout for moose during the 2019 Colorado Tour de Moose.

The RMCC will explore some new terrain in northern Colorado during the 2019 Colorado Tour de Moose. This challenging double century climbs into the heart of northern Colorado Rockies via Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), Willow Creek Pass, and Cameron Pass. Here are the highlights of this great new ride: 
Date: Saturday, July 27, 2019

Start: Tortoises: 3:30 AM. Hares: 4:00 AM.

Start/End location: Loveland, CO: Big Thompson Elementary School

Course Map: Colorado Mesa Double Century: Colorado Tour de Moose

Registration: Colorado Tour de Moose Registration

This event has a registration fee (i.e., cost-recovery fee) of $25. Registration fees will be collected the morning of the ride. Registration is limited to the first 24 pre-registered riders. First come, first serve! Registration closes 7/26/19. RMCC membership is also required to participate in this event. For more information about membership: RMCC membership. 

Course Highlights:
  • Distance: 205 miles
  • Climbing: 15,000 feet
  • 5 categorized climbs:
With its wide shoulders and spectacular canyon walls, Big Thompson Canyon is one of Colorado's best cycling canyons. 
Loveland to Devils Gulch Road: Category 2. The gradual 20 mile, 2,800 foot climb from Loveland to Glen Haven are an absolute joy to ride. The steep switchbacks in the final mile of this climb is guaranteed test the best climbers!

Amazing views of RMNP to the east of the Alpine Visitor Center at the top of Old Fall River Road
Old Fall River Road (elev. 11,796 feet): Hors Categorie (HC). Old Fall River Road is one of Colorado's understated cycling gems. Climbing nearly 3,200 feet in 9 miles on well-maintained gravel roads, Old Fall River Road is a must-do Colorado Cycling experience!

Walter Zitz at the top of Willow Creek Pass during the 2018 Tour de Moose reconnaissance  ride.
Windy Gap Reservoir to Willow Creek Pass (elev. 9683 feet): Category 3. The gradual climb up CO-125 to the top of Willow Creek Pass is a lightly trafficked and gains 1600+ feet in 21 miles.

Cameron Pass provides spectacular views of the Never Summer Mountains in Northern Colorado.
Cameron Pass (elev. 10,276 feet): Category 3. CO-14 is another relative gentle climb that ascends Cameron Pass from the west, gaining 1400+ feet in 11 miles.

Stove Prairie climb: Category 3. The climb up to Stove Prairie from Poudre Canyon is well-known to RMCCers. This steep climb gains over 1200 feet in under 3 miles and is guaranteed to test riders near the end of the Tour de Moose.

Time limit: 18.5 hours to receive an official finishing time and Colorado Triple Crown credit. We don't have data on this course yet, so its possible that the finishing time will be extended based on finishing times of the first riders.

Jackson CR 27 is a 17-mile well-maintained gravel road that is an unexpected gem during the Tour de Moose. 
Event organizer: Mark Lowe (e-mail:

Additional Notes:
  • Moose time bonuses. We didn't name this event the Colorado Tour de Moose for nothing! Northern Colorado is home to a dense population of moose. In fact, it's almost guaranteed that you're going to encounter a Bullwinkle at some point in time while riding in this part of the state. Because of this, we will be offering a 15 minute time bonus if you successfully take a picture of a moose during this ride. These pictures must post to your Strava ride data to receive credit for your sighting! If you don't have a Strava account, it's time to get with the times and sign up!
    • Each moose picture = 15 minute time bonus. However, groups of moose only count for 1 moose sighting. Moose must be greater than 1 mile apart to get another time bonus. Max: 2 time bonuses.
    • Moose are moose. Deer, elk, horses, cows are not moose. If you post a picture of an animal that is not a moose and ask for a time bonus, you will be penalized 15 minutes.
    • Attempting to upload a picture of a moose from the internet will result in DQ. Please don't do this. 
  • 24 rider limit. Registration cap is dictated by Rocky Mountain National Park. 
  • This course passes through Rocky Mountain National Park. Participants will need to pay the $10 entry fee OR use their National Parks Pass to ride through the park. 
  • Given the exposure to high altitude, nasty weather can be a major concern with this event. Participants need to be prepared and bring their best winter- and wet-riding gear with them.
  • Lights and reflective gear are required!
  • Some ultra-distance experience is encouraged (but not required) to participate in this event.
More views of Jackson CR 27.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Congratulations to the 2018 Colorado Triple Crown Finishers

Congratulations to the following RMCC members who have successfully completed the 2018 Colorado Triple Crown. This year's series was a difficult series to complete. 3 of the 5 events included in this year's series (AntiEpic Gravel Grinder, Cycle to Saturn Double Century, and the Kebler Kamikaze Double Century) were mixed terrain events that included sections of dirt/gravel roads and the AntiEpic Gravel Grinder is a true gravel event with 90% dirt/gravel roads. Participants of the Mesa Double Century also experienced the unanticipated difficulty of a wildfire along I-70 in DeBeque Canyon during the evening prior to the event, which prevented several participants from making it to the start of the ride. This year's finishers include:
  • Michael Bass (1) 
  • Ryan Franz (6)
  • Jason Kaminski (3)
  • Oksana Kovalenko (2)
  • Mark Lowe (9)
  • Tom Miller (8)
  • Harris Rosenthal (3)
  • Rich Rodgers (1)
  • Steve Rudolph (7)
  • Ray Rupel (5)
  • Andy Stockman (2)
  • Erika Van Meter (2)
  • Corinne Warren (4)
A special recognition to Ray Rupel (64 years old) who ties David Nelson as the oldest rider to ever complete the Colorado Triple Crown. Congratulations, Ray!