Sunday, June 3, 2012

Congratulations to Dick Wiss!

Dick Wiss, with his trusty Serotta, displays his well deserved Colorado Triple Crown kit. Dick completed the Colorado Triple Crown in 2009 and now becomes the second RMCCer to successfully complete the California Triple Crown series.

Congratulations to RMCCer Dick Wiss (64 years young!) for successfully completing the 2012 California Triple Crown! In order to become an official California Triple Crown "winner," riders must successfully complete three of the California double century events in a single cycling season. California has 21(!) different double century events that riders can participate in. All of these rides (given their 200 mile distance) are difficult; however, some of the events borderline "insanely difficult," featuring steep grades, intense heat, and between 18,000 to 20,000 feet of climbing. Like the events of the Colorado Triple Crown, the California events are not officially "races," but they are timed events. The primary goal of these events is to finish safely within the allotted time limit. However, there is a certain degree of "bragging rights" that comes with finishing competitively. And with nearly 500 riders(!) completing the California series in 2009, 2010, and 2011, finishing competitively is something to brag about! To complete the California series, Dick successfully completed the following events:

1) El Camino Real Double Century: Irvine, CA, 2/18/12
2) Solvang Spring Double Century: Solvang, CA, 3/24/12
3) Mulholland Double Century: Agoura Hills, CA, 4/14/12

Dick, who successufully completed the inaugural Colorado Triple Crown in 2009, co-resides in Boulder during the summer months and Phoenix, AZ during the winter months. Dick was able to use his intense winter training in the Arizona sun to prepare for California Triple Crown series. Dick is using these events to prepare for this summer's RMCC Colorado High Country 1200 km brevet!

Congratulations again to Dick!