Monday, February 25, 2013

2014 Cycle to Saturn Roster

Guanella Pass makes its Colorado Triple Crown debut as RMCCers Cycle to Saturn 

Here's the preliminary roster for the 2014 Cycle to Saturn Double and Epic Century (updated 8/7/14):

Double Century:

  1. Benoit, Diane, Morrison, CO
  2. Barnes, Graham, Boulder, CO
  3. Dougan, Dan, Lake Ozark, MO
  4. Eckenroth, Jason, Boulder, CO
  5. Franz, Ryan, Boulder, CO
  6. Jackson, Jim, Camdenton, MO
  7. Lowe, Mark, Arvada, CO
  8. Miller, Tim, Castle Rock, CO
  9. Miller, Tom, Denver, CO
  10. Nelsen, Eric, Evergreen, CO
  11. Philips, Steven, Boulder, CO
  12. Perdue, Dave, Lake Ozark, MO
  13. Rudolph, Steve, Westminster, CO
  14. Rupel, Ray, Centennial CO
  15. Schrock, Josh, Versailles, MO
  16. Shannon, Kelly, Denver, CO
  17. Schroer, Steve, Littleton, CO
  18. Turner, Jason, Monument, CO
  19. Warren, Corinne, Monument, CO

Epic Century:

  • None

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