Sunday, June 14, 2015

Inaugural Colorado High Country Double Century Recap

Steamboat Springs, CO is the final destination of the Colorado High Country Double Century
On Saturday, June 13, 2015, RMCCers tackled the inaugural Colorado High Country Double Century, the newest Colorado Triple Crown event. Inspired by the RMCC Colorado High Country 1200km brevet, the new course is a point-to-point route, venturing from Boulder, CO to Steamboat Springs, CO in the northwest part of the state. The course passes over the beautiful Horsetooth Reservoir to the west of Fort Collins. From Fort Collins, the course turns west up the spectacular Poudre Canyon. Perhaps the longest canyon along the Front Range, Poudre Canyon climbs over 5,000 feet in 60 miles to its summit at the stunning Cameron Pass. From Cameron Pass, the route drops down into the North Park Valley, where riders are at the mercy of the winds! Riders complete the route by climbing to the top of the relatively short but steep Rabbit Ears Pass and then make the blazing seven-mile plunge into Steamboat Springs. Participants had 16.5 hours to complete the course to receive an official finishing time and Colorado Triple Crown credit.

The upper portion of the beautiful Poudre Canyon (Photo by Tim Schaefer)

2015 Colorado High Country Double Century Summary:

  • 207 miles, approximately 12,000 feet of climbing
  • 3 categorized climbs:
    • Poudre Canyon to Cameron Pass (10,276 feet): HC
    • Muddy Creek Pass (8,772 feet): Category 5
    • Rabbit Ears Pass (9,426 feet): Category 3 
  • 31 pre-registered riders
  • 27 ride starters, 1 early withdrawals, 3 late withdrawals. Of the riders who started, 25 were men, 2 were women.
  • 25 official finishers, successfully completing the course in 16.5 hours (12.55 mph avg speed), 2 DNFs
  • Speedsters Billy Edwards, Mark Lowe, Walter Zitz, and Bryce Walsh completed this challenging new course in 10 hours, 55 min. (19.0 mph).
  • Lisa Renee Tumminello of Steamboat Springs, CO posted the fastest women's time with a time of 12 hours, 32 min. (16.53 mph).
Special thanks to this year's volunteers! We could not have done this event without your help!! 
  • Charlie Henderson
  • Penny Nelsen
  • Corinne Warren
Cameron Pass (Photo by Tim Schaefer)

Brief Results:

Name Age Hometown Total Time
Edwards. Billy 37 Boulder, CO 10:55
Lowe, Mark 41 Arvada, CO 10:55
Walsh, Bryce 44 Boulder, CO 10:55
Zitz, Walter 29 Englewood, CO 10:55
Nelsen, Eric 42 Evergreen, CO 11:46
Miller, Tom 45 Denver, CO 11:47
Rudolph, Steve 55 Westminster, CO 11:47
Schaefer, Tim 49 Denver, CO 12:03
Horwood, Josh 35 Loveland, CO 12:11
Hulett Jeffrey 55 Golden, CO 12:22
Smith, Vernon 57 Colorado Springs, CO 12:22
Tumminello, Lisa Renee 45 Steamboat Springs, CO 12:32
Baker, Chris 44 Firestone, CO 13:03
Rupel, Ray 60 Centennial, CO 13:05
Strayer, Stephen 37 Noblesville, IN 13:10
Kaminski, Jason 45 Longmont, CO 13:21
Jensen, Keith 41 Windsor, CO 13:49
Schroer, Steve 46 Littleton, CO 14:00
Rosenthal, Harris 53 Denver, CO 14:07
Sendor, Jon 58 Denver, CO 14:07
Benoit, Diane 57 Morrison, CO 14:20
Barnes, Graham 41 Boulder, CO 14:38
Griffith, Scott 41 Albuquerque, NM 15:10
Grimm, Paul 46 Fredonia, AZ 15:21
Rainwater, James 46 Nederland. CO 16:04
Turkaly, Edward 43 Black Hawk, CO 16:04
Stefely, Ernie 58 Denver, CO DNF
Turner, Jason 40 Monument, CO DNF

Billy Edwards, Walter Zitz, Mark Lowe, and Bryce Walsh blistered the new Colorado High Country Double Century course in 10 hrs, 55 min (19.0 mph!) 
Eric Nelsen, Steve Rudolph, and Tom Miller at the finish of Colorado High Country Double Century
Tim Schaefer successfully completes his first Colorado Triple Crown event! Congratulations, Tim! 
After a season of trial and error, Triple Crown veteran, Josh Horwood, has his nutrition dialed in for this year's Triple Crown. Congratulations, Josh, on a great ride! 
RMCC Colorado High Country 1200km course record holder, Jeffrey Hulett, and RMCC endurance veteran, Vermon Smith, at the conclusion of the inaugural Colorado High Country Double Century. 
Ray Rupel looks relaxed and comfortable at the conclusion of this year's first Colorado Triple Crown event.

Relieved to be finished, Scott Griffith at the conclusion of the Colorado High Country Double Century
After getting off to a rough start, Paul Grimm managed to survive this year's  first Colorado Triple Crown event.
Ed Turkaly and James Rainwater are relieved to have finished their first Colorado Triple Crown event .
Steamboat Springs speedster, Lisa Renee Tumminello, completes her first Colorado Triple Crown event of 2015. (C'mon, have to complete the entire series, especially if I agree to complete in the gravel grinder in Steamboat Springs in August! Just sayin'!) 
Chris Baker successfully completes the first stage of the Colorado Triple Crown series. Great ride, Chris!

Indiana distance rider, Stephen Strayer, succesfully completes the Colorado High Country Double Century
and his first Colorado Triple Crown event!
After a several year hiatus, Colorado Triple Crown veteran, Jason Kaminski once again has Triple Crown aspirations!
Nice ride, Jason! 
Keith Jensen at the conclusion of this year's Colorado High Country Double Century.
Great having you back out there, Keith!

Steve Schroer successfully completes the first Colorado Triple Crown event of 2015!
RMCCers, Jon Sendor and Harris Rosenthal, are both on their way to completing the 2015 Colorado Triple Crown. Great ride to the two of you...
Diane Benoit rides herself into Colorado Triple Crown form! Nice ride, Diane!
Graham Barnes looks comfortable at the end of the day's challenging ride! Great ride, Graham!
Tom Miller in action on Rabbit Ears Pass
RMCC president, Charlie Henderson, Penny Nelsen, and Corinne Warren (not pictured) provided fabulous support for this year's event! Thanks to all of you!!!
Bryce Walsh, Billy Edwards, Steve Rudolph, Tom Miller, Penny Nelsen, and Eric Nelsen
at the Rabbit Ears Motel
The Rabbit Ears Motel in Steamboat Springs was the final destination for this year's participants.
Thanks to their support!
High water along the Poudre River  (Photo by Tim Schaefer)
Park Range Mountains as viewed from North Park (Photo by Tim Schaefer)
Medicine Bow Mountains as viewed from North Park (Photo by Tim Schaefer)