Sunday, July 21, 2013

Next Up...The Cripple Creek Crippler!!!

Beautiful views of Pikes Peak from near Woodland Park, CO

1) Ride Date: Saturday, July 27, 2013

2) Start and Finish Location: Littleton, CO at the Ken Caryl 
RTD park-and-ride on the NE corner of Shaffer Parkway and Ken Caryl Avenue, 1/4 mile east of interstate C-470.

3) Registration: RMCC membership, prequalification, and preregistration are required to participate in this event. This event has a $40 registration fee. We still have lots of openings for this ride. Preregistration will close on Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 7:00 pm. For questions, please e-mail Mark Lowe:

4) Ride start/check-in: Rider check-in at 3:30 am. Ride start at 4:00 am. Please be ready for a pre-ride briefing at 3:45 amLights and reflective gear are required!

5) Official RMCC support vehicles: We will have two support vehicles to support this event. The primary support vehicle will be driven by Charlie Henderson. Please keep in mind that
the RMCC support vehicles are—first priority—for safety and emergencies. In the case of an emergency, these vehicles may have to leave the course without any warning. Riders must be prepared for this possibility and need to carry the provisions necessary to successfully complete the event.

6) Drop Bags. Participants are allowed to place a well-marked (BIG LETTERS) personal gear bag in Charlie’s truck. Gear bags can be stocked with extra nutritional supplies and clothing that participants might need to successfully complete the ride. Riders will be able to access their gear bags at checkpoints along the course (see below) and in Cripple Creek (drop bag access marked with a *). Faster riders may outrun their drop bags after Cripple Creek and need to be prepared for this possibility! Riders are also strongly encouraged to keep a Camel Back in Charlie’s truck. Riders should consider using the Camel Back during the 50-mile downhill section from Cripple Creek to Deckers. It is possible that our support vehicle will not be in Divide as riders return from Cripple Creek.  If riders do not want to ride with a Camel Back, they may stop at a convenience store in either Divide or Woodland Park for additional water or supplies.

7) Personal support vehicles: 
  •  The RMCC allows and encourages the use of personal support vehicles for all Colorado Triple Crown events.
  • All personal support vehicles must be registered with Charlie Henderson prior to the event. Please e-mail Charlie Henderson @ with the following information prior to the event: driver of the vehicle, make of vehicle, color and license plate number. Or if last minute, please bring a note card with this information and turn it into Charlie at the start. Riders who receive support without registering their support vehicle will be disqualified.
  •  Participants may receive support from other rider’s personal support vehicle without the risk of being disqualified.
  • If the weather turns severe, support can be anywhere!!! 

8) Checkpoints and time limits: Please keep in mind that this is a timed bike ride, but not a race. Friendly competition is encouraged, but the primary goal for every rider is to finish safely! Participants have 18.5 hours (by 10:30 pm) to complete this ride to earn an official finishing time and receive Colorado Triple Crown credit. Riders can only begin riding at the official start time and must reach all checkpoints (by the official closing time) to receive an official finishing time. Like the other events of the Colorado Triple Crown, we will be using event passports to record rider times for the Cripple Creek Crippler. Riders may pick up their event passports at rider check-in, prior to the start of the ride. All riders must have their event passports validated by RMCC event staff at the following official checkpoints listed below. If RMCC event staff is not present at these checkpoints, riders should record their own times. Riders must have their event passports validated by an RMCC official at the finish.  
  • Conifer, CO: NW Corner of Co R.73 and Shadow Mountain Drive (Closing time: 7:30 am)*
  • Deckers, CO: Store at Junction of Co Rd 126 and CO 67 (Closing time: 9:30 am)*
  •  Divide, CO:  Venture Foods, Junction of US 24 and N. Co Rd 5/CO 67 (Closing time: 12:00 noon)*
  • Divide, CO: Old gas station, Junction of US 24 and CO 67/N. Co Rd 5 (Closing time: 3:30 pm)
  • Deckers, CO: Store at Junction of CO 126 and CO 67 (Closing time: 5:30 pm)*
  •  Finish: Littleton, CO: Ken Caryl RTD Park-n-Ride (Closing time: 10:30 pm)

9) Additonal Support Points: RMCC will also be providing water support (with gear bag access) in Cripple Creek on Teller Co Rd 1, just after reaching the western city limits of Cripple Creek. Riders with personal support vehicles may receive support at the above checkpoint locations AND at the following locations: 
  • Conifer: Shell gas at intersection of Co Rd 73 and US 285 
  • Woodland Park: Conoco Gas at Junction of CO 67 and US 24 (NW corner)
  •  Evergreen Station: Mile 108 along Teller Co Rd 1, before making the final series of steep climbs to Cripple Creek
  • Cripple CreekAce Hardware and Shamrock Gas on Teller Co Rd 1 (entering town)*
  • Buffalo Creek: Junction of Co Rd 126 (Deckers Road) and SW Platte River Rd
  • Foxton: Small park at the junction of SW Platter River Rd and Foxton Rd
  • Pleasant Park: Pleasant Park Grange

10) Abandonment: If you need to abandon the ride for any reason, please call or text Charlie Henderson at 720-480-9714 as soon as possible to let him know! We don't want to spend all night worrying about where you are! Please note that the RMCC support vehicles do not sweep the course, so if you are unable to finish, you need to make arrangements to find transportation home.  Special notes about abandonment: If you are having a bad day on the bike and need to abandon, it is strongly suggested that you abandon in Buffalo Creek at the turnoff for SW Platte River Road. Riders who abandon after this location will face a much more difficult return route, especially if they make it all the way to Deckers.

11) Emergencies: If you have an accident or injury that requires emergent attention, please call 911. Please call Charlie ASAP to let him know!

12) Event Rules: Please review the event rules before the ride on Saturday: Please review our new policy regarding “Unsportsman-like conduct.”

13) Rider safety                :
1.       Ride single file! Be sure to glance behind you (and in front of you) before attempting to pass another rider!
2.       Good lights essential for completing this ride! The first 2 hours of the ride are almost entirely in the dark! You’ll greatly appreciate being to see as you descend through the Evergreen backroads. Please watch out for wildlife crossing the roads! Riders finishing after sunset will also need to have their lights and reflective gear.

14) General Tips:
1.       Take as short of breaks as possible. Please make an attempt to limit your breaks to 10-15 minutes. After all, if your wheels aren’t turning, you’re not going anywhere!
2.       Eat and drink frequently! Make it a goal to consume 300-400 calories/hour to avoid the dreaded bonk.
3.       The last 42 miles of this event are very tough! Be sure to save some energy for the long, steep climb out of Deckers back toward Buffalo Creek as well as the long climb up Foxton Road back towards Pleasant Park.

This is our second Cripple Creek Crippler!  We wish every rider the best of luck and have a GREAT RIDE! 

Cripple Creek as viewed from the high point of the course.