Monday, February 25, 2013

2014 Cycle to Saturn Roster

Guanella Pass makes its Colorado Triple Crown debut as RMCCers Cycle to Saturn 

Here's the preliminary roster for the 2014 Cycle to Saturn Double and Epic Century (updated 8/7/14):

Double Century:

  1. Benoit, Diane, Morrison, CO
  2. Barnes, Graham, Boulder, CO
  3. Dougan, Dan, Lake Ozark, MO
  4. Eckenroth, Jason, Boulder, CO
  5. Franz, Ryan, Boulder, CO
  6. Jackson, Jim, Camdenton, MO
  7. Lowe, Mark, Arvada, CO
  8. Miller, Tim, Castle Rock, CO
  9. Miller, Tom, Denver, CO
  10. Nelsen, Eric, Evergreen, CO
  11. Philips, Steven, Boulder, CO
  12. Perdue, Dave, Lake Ozark, MO
  13. Rudolph, Steve, Westminster, CO
  14. Rupel, Ray, Centennial CO
  15. Schrock, Josh, Versailles, MO
  16. Shannon, Kelly, Denver, CO
  17. Schroer, Steve, Littleton, CO
  18. Turner, Jason, Monument, CO
  19. Warren, Corinne, Monument, CO

Epic Century:

  • None

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Colorado Triple Crown Registration is underway!

I had the opportunity to check out the first section of the Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic last Saturday, including Deer Creek Canyon and Pleasant Park Road, before a snowstorm blew into town, leaving me stranded in Evergreen, CO. (The kind ladies at Subway treated me well!!)

Registration for the 2013 Colorado Triple Crown is well underway and registrations are slowly starting to trickle in! There are a couple of things I wanted to point out:

1) If you're interested in participating in this season's Colorado Triple Crown, be sure to register early as we can only allow 50 riders (bikes) per event! Although we've never reached the registration cap on any of the events, Denver-to-Aspen always has the potential to reach its capacity as many riders plan on using this event as their "qualifying" event for the other Colorado Triple Crown events. Potential participants need to keep in mind that they can also use the RMCC Black Forest 300 km (186 mile) brevet on Saturday, May 18, 2013 (with a finishing time of less than 14 hours) to prequalify as well!! In my opinion, this event is nearly as challenging as Denver-to-Aspen (it's actually about 6 miles longer...but has 3000 less feet of climbing and obviously doesn't climb nearly as high as Independence Pass.) Plus, in my opinion, riders who have a little extra volume under their belts always seem to handle the stress of Denver-to-Aspen a bit better! So please consider this RMCC brevet as an opportunity to prequalify and "dial in" your training a bit!

2) Just like last season, I'll be posting updated Triple Crown rosters (on the right margin of this blog page) so you can keep track of who's signed up for this year's events!

3) Volunteers...We are 100% dependent of volunteer support to make these events run smoothly!!! For many years, RMCC president Charlie Henderson has graciously given up many of his weekends to support these events. Charlie will once again be providing a majority of the event for support for 2013. But we can always use more help! If you are planning on riding with personal support, and you don't mind sacrificing your support vehicle to provide support at a checkpoint, I will be extremely grateful...not to the point where I'd give up my first-born, but you get the idea!!

Safe training in the meantime as you start accumulating those early season base miles!


2014 Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic Roster

Views of plush aspen groves will descending the western slopes
of Independence Pass into Aspen, CO

2014 Denver-to-Aspen Roster (updated 6/12/14):
  1. Baker, Chris, Firestone, CO
  2. Barnes, Graham, Boulder, CO
  3. Benoit, Diane, Morrison, CO
  4. Borgsmiller, Ken, Elizabeth, CO
  5. Briere, Philip, Denver, CO
  6. Cameron, Don, Golden, CO
  7. Cannon, Tim, Telluride, CO
  8. Cole, Charlie, Denver, CO
  9. Eckenroth, Jason, Boulder, CO
  10. Franz, Ryan, Boulder, CO
  11. Gehlert, Dave, Denver, CO
  12. Horwood, Josh, Loveland, CO
  13. Howell, Craig, Littleton, CO
  14. Hulett, Jeffrey, Golden, CO
  15. Lancaster, Gary, Highlands Ranch, CO
  16. Lemon, John, Golden, CO
  17. Lowe, Mark, Arvada, CO
  18. McDonald, Dan, Denver, CO
  19. McDonald, Sargent, Wheat Ridge, CO
  20. Miller, Tim, Castle Rock, CO
  21. Miller, Tom, Denver, CO
  22. Nelsen, Eric, Evergreen, CO
  23. Nelson, David, Greenwood Village, CO
  24. Pfeil, Mark, Boulder, CO
  25. Ratcliff, Dave, Littleton, CO
  26. Robbins, Craig, Centennial, CO
  27. Rudolph, Steve, Westminster, CO
  28. Rupel, Ray, Centennial, CO
  29. Saville, Ian, Elizabeth, CO
  30. Schroer, Steve, Littleton, CO
  31. Shannon, Kelly, Denver, CO
  32. Smith, Vernon, Colorado Springs, CO
  33. Smolarkiewicz, Pawel, Louisville, CO
  34. Torrey, Jacob, Greenwood Village, CO
  35. Turek, Michael, Longmont, CO
  36. Turner, Jason, Monument, CO
  37. Warren, Corinne, Monument, CO
  38. Van Meter, Erika, Aspen, CO
  39. Zitz, Walter, Lakewood, CO

2014 Colorado Death Ride Roster

The Mt. Sneffels Range as viewed from the Dallas Divide.

The 2014 Colorado Death Ride roster (updated 7/3/14):
  1. Benoit, Diane, Morrison, CO
  2. Cannon, Tim, Telluride, CO
  3. Fullagar, David, Boulder, CO
  4. Griffith, Scott, Albuquerque, NM
  5. Grimm, Paul, Mesa, AZ
  6. Gustke, Rob, Manitou Springs, CO
  7. Henderson, Michael, Dolores, CO
  8. Howell, Craig, Littleton, CO
  9. Lancaster, Gary, Highlands Ranch, CO
  10. Lowe, Mark, Arvada, CO
  11. Miller, Tom, Denver, CO
  12. Nelsen, Eric, Evergreen, CO
  13. Nelson, David, Greenwood Village, CO
  14. Philips, Steven, Boulder, CO
  15. Pfeil, Mark, Boulder, CO
  16. Rudolph, Steve, Westminster, CO
  17. Rupel, Ray, Centennial, CO
  18. Schroer, Steve, Littleton, CO
  19. Shannon, Kelly, Denver, CO
  20. Smith, Vernon, Colorado Springs, CO
  21. Turek, Michael, Longmont, CO
  22. Turner, Jason, Monument, CO
  23. Van Meter, Erika, Aspen, CO
  24. Warren, Corinne, Monument, CO
  25. Zitz, Walter, Lakewood, CO

2014 Cripple Creek Crippler Roster

With a flare for the "Old West" and steep, windy roads, the rustic mining community of Cripple Creek
is as attractive to cyclists as it is to gamblers! 

Here's a preliminary roster of riders ready to tackle the 2014 Cripple Creek Crippler (updated 7/24/14):
  1. Benoit, Diane, Morrison, CO
  2. Cannon, Tim, Telluride, CO
  3. Coughlin, Mike, Ontario, Canada
  4. Franz, Ryan, Boulder, CO
  5. Griffith, Scott, Albuquerque, NM
  6. Howell, Craig, Littleton, CO
  7. Miller, Tim, Castle Rock, CO
  8. Miller, Tom, Denver, CO
  9. Nelsen, Eric, Evergreen, CO
  10. Nelson, David, Greenwood Village, CO
  11. Philips, Steven, Boulder, CO
  12. Rudolph, Steve, Westminster, CO
  13. Schroer, Steve, Littleton, CO
  14. Shannon, Kelly, Denver, CO
  15. Smith, Vernon, Colorado Springs, CO
  16. Turek, Michael, Longmont, CO
  17. Turner, Jason, Monument, CO
  18. Zitz, Walter, Lakewood, CO

2014 Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop Roster

Stunning views from RMNP's Trail Ridge Road