Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 Colorado Triple Crown Registration

March 1, 2014 is almost here, and we hope to have registration for the events of the 2014 Colorado Triple Crown up and running on March 1st! Riders will have the option of signing up for the following events:

  1. Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic
  2. Colorado Death Ride
  3. Cripple Creek Crippler
  4. Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop
  5. Cycle to Saturn Double Century (and Epic Century)  

Here are a few notes and reminders about the registration process:

  1. For 2014, participants will have the option of completing an on-line application (preferred method) OR a downloadable application form (print, fill in and mail in with check). 
  2. On-line registration will involve completing both an online application form AND an online payment form (through the RMCC's new Paypal account). To secure a spot on an event roster, the application form must be entirely filled out AND your payment must be received.
  3. Each event has a $40 registration fee...not super-expensive! Just enough to cover our expenses for running these epic events! RMCC membership is also required to participate. If you're not currently a RMCC member and want to participate, please remember to sign up for the club as well! ($25/year). 
  4. Each event has a 50 rider limit. Registration for each event will be available on a first come, first serve basis! We've never reached our 50 rider cap for any event, but please don't dilly-dally with your registration! If we do manage to reach our 50 rider limit, registration for that event will be closed for 2014! For Cycle to Saturn participants, the 50 rider cap includes both the Double Century and Epic Century participants. 
  5. Registration for each individual event closes 2 days prior to the start of the event. 
  6. For 2014, we will once again offer refunds to riders who withdraw from an event 2 weeks prior the event date. Refunds will not be offered for riders who withdraw less than 2 weeks prior to event. Please refer to the specific event for more details about the withdrawal dates.  
  7. Participants can keep track of the rider rosters on the Colorado Triple Crown blog to determine  their application has been processed . Bottom line...if you see your name on an event roster, you're in!
  8. Volunteers...we are always looking for additional help!! If you provide a family member or friend to provide volunteer support for an event (i.e., for all of the participants, not just a personal support vehicle for yourself), we will waive your registration fee for that particular event. If you personally provide volunteer support for any of the events, we will waive your registration fees for the entire series for 2014!! 
Good luck with registration and please let me know if you have any questions!