Monday, September 4, 2017

2017 Colorado Triple Crown Finishers

Congratulations to the following individuals for completing the 2017 Colorado Triple Crown! 

From AntiEpic to EPIC, from deserts to mountains, from prairies to high alpine tundra, the 2017 season had a bit of everything! We had 25 official finishers, our largest class of Colorado Triple Crown finishers to date. We also had 10 Colorado Triple Crown rookies, including two from out of state (Nebraska and Utah). Congratulations to each of you!
  • Laura Anderson (1)
  • Jerry Arnold (NE) (1)
  • Chris Baker (3)
  • Graham Barnes (3)
  • Caleb Carl (2) 
  • Ryan Franz (5)
  • Scott Griffith (1)
  • Paul Grimm (UT) (1)
  • Keith Jensen (2)
  • Kieran Johnson (1)
  • Oksana Kovalenko (1)
  • Andy Lapkass (single speed) (2)
  • Mark Lowe (8)
  • Tom Miller (7)
  • David Nelson (3)
  • Josh Peter (2) 
  • Harris Rosenthal (2)
  • Steve Rudolph (6)
  • Ray Rupel (4)
  • Nathaniel Schub (1)
  • Ricardo Stephen (1)
  • Erika Van Meter (1)
  • Corinne Warren (3)
  • Felix Wong (1)
  • Walter Zitz (4)
Caleb Carl
Laura Anderson
Congratulations to Caleb Carl and Laura Anderson for winning the 2017 Colorado Triple Crown Stage Race. This season's stage race included the fastest combined times of the Colorado Death Ride, the Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop, and the Denver-to-Aspen Classic, the original three events of the series. Caleb posted the fastest known time (that we are aware of) on the Colorado Death Ride course in the traditional counterclockwise direction and his time at the Colorado Mesa Double Century will be tough to beat! Laura Anderson is our first woman to finish the Colorado Triple Crown Stage Race since Diane Benoit in 2013.

Congratulations as well to David Nelson who, at 63 years young, ties Dick Wiss as the oldest rider to ever complete the Colorado Triple Crown! David spent most of the season recovering from several (very serious) health set-backs to whip himself back into double century shape in a very short period of time. In a tactically savvy move, David completed the Colorado Death Ride as a volunteer post-ride in late August to successfully complete the series! Kudos to you, David! 

Volunteering can be a fun and rewarding experience! (Photo: Walter Zitz)

Special thanks for all of our volunteers this season! We simply cannot run these events in their current timed format without help! So thanks to each of you!
  • Chris Baker (Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop)
  • Julie Elliott and Jerome Gonzales (Colorado Mesa Double Century)
  • Heidi Hartman (Colorado Death Ride and Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop)
  • Kieran Johnson (Denver-to-Aspen Classic)
  • Mark Lowe (AntiEpic Gravel Grinder, Colorado Mesa Double Century, Colorado Death Ride)
  • Beth and Brent Myers (Event registrations for all events)
  • David Nelson (Colorado Death Ride)
  • Kale Olson (Denver-to-Aspen Classic)
  • Josh Peter (AntiEpic Gravel Grinder)
  • Harris Rosenthal (Foothills Climbfest)
  • Andre and Carla Schub (Colorado Death Ride and Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop)
  • Nat Schub (AntiEpic Gravel Grinder, Denver-to-Aspen Classic)
  • Jon Sendor (Foothills Climbfest)
  • Fran Summerhill and Girvan Kroesing (Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop)
  • Joanne Vitanza (Colorado Mesa Double Century)
  • Corinne Warren (Foothills Climbfest, AntiEpic Gravel Grinder)
  • Mike Young (Colorado Mesa Double Century)
  • Walter Zitz (AntiEpic Gravel Grinder)
There was abundant epic scenery during the 2017 Colorado Triple Crown!