Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 Foothills Climbfest Summary

Cool temperatures and cloudy skies gave way to gentle breezes and partly cloudy skies during the 2014 rendition of the RMCC Foothills Climbfest. The western Denver Metro area was pummeled by thunderstorms and heavy rain (again) later in the evening. 

Event Summary:

  • 81 miles and approximately 8,100 feet of climbing in the foothills to the west of Chatfield Reservoir 
  • The weather was unseasonably cool with a persistent threat of thunderstorms throughout the day. Riders were greeted by chilly temperatures in the upper 40s while ascending Deer Creek Canyon, which was lined with mounds of hailstones from the previous evening's storm. Temperatures did peak in the upper 60s as clouds succumbed to some sunshine during the afternoon.
  • 25 ride starters, 24 ride finishers, including 3 women. 1 DNS, and 1 DNF (finished after the 7 hour time limit)
  • Congratulations to Mindy Gehrs of Lyons, CO who shattered the women's course record with a time of 5:06 (15.9 mph). The previous record of 5:31 was shared by Wendy Fields (2009) and Diane Benoit (2013).
  • Congratulatons to Steve Rudolph and RMCC new-comer, Steve Kupecz, for sharing the fastest men's time of 4:53 (16.6 mph).
  • Brief results are listed below. Full results with splits will be posted on the new RMCC web site late this summer.
  • Thanks to RMCC club president, Charlie Henderson, for giving up his day to support the ride!
Mindy Gehrs and RMCC club member, Tim Schaefer, at the Shadow Mountain check point.
Steve Rudolph and RMCC new-comer, Steve Kupecz
Gary Lancaster and Tom Miller at the Shadow Mountain check point.

After a strong day during the climbfest, Mark Pfeil is contemplating Denver-to-Aspen
Steve Shroer, David Nelson, and David Ratcliff at Shadow Mountain

Diane Benoit has another solid day on the bike! 

Steve Dertinger tries to figure out why Tom Groves isn't as this year's climbfest!
(Yes, we missed you, Tom!) 
Ryan Sullivan participates in his first RMCC event!

Jon Sendor, Ryan Sullivan, and Mike Turek (back)

Josh Horwood is feeling strong at this year's Climbfest!
Kendrew Peacey rides his first Climbfest!

Nathan Neufield also rides his first Climbfest. 

Exhausteed RMCCers, including Frank Traditi (middle) and Jason Turner (right) 
RMCC captain, Charlie Henderson, at Shadow Mountain

Brief Results:

Name Age Total Elaped Time Avg. Speed (mph)
Kupecz, Steve 50 4:53 16.6 mph
Rudolph, Steve 53 4:53 16.6 mph
Lancaster, Gary 47 4:58 16.3 mph
Miller, Tom 45 4:58 16.3 mph
Pfeil, Mark 46 4:59 16.2 mph
Jones, Lloyd 55 5:03 16.0 mph
Beaver, Heath 42 5:03 16.0 mph
Gehrs, Mindy* 43 5:06 15.9 mph
Horwood, Josh 34 5:16 15.4 mph
Ratcliff, Dave 42 5:29 14.9 mph
Nelson, David 60 5:31 14.7 mph
Schroer, Steve 46 5:35 14.5 mph
Turek, Michael 47 5:40 14.3 mph
Sullivan, Ryan 26 5:51 13.9 mph
Benoit, Diane 56 5:53 13.8 mph
Dertinger, Steve 66 5:53 13.8 mph
Sendor, Jon 57 5:53 13.8 mph
Neufield, Nathan 38 6:04 13.3 mph
Rosenthal, Harris 52 6:05 13.3 mph
Peacey, Arnold 47 6:15 13.0 mph
Freeman, Jay 58 6:30 12.5 mph
Turner, Jason 39 6:33 12.4 mph
Traditi, Frank 55 6:36 12.3 mph
Wells, Jennifer 57 6:43 12.1 mph
Snavely, Henry 67 7:34 10.7 mph
* First woman. New course record!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Golden Anti-Gravity Epic (and Mini-Epic) Century Recap

RMCCers at the start of this year's Anti-Gravity Epic Century.
(Notice the smiling faces! There weren't very many smiling faces at the conclusion of the ride after a challenging day of tough climbing, descending, and gravel roads!)

Event Summary:

  • Golden Anti-Gravity Epic Century: 115 miles, 16,000 feet of climbing, and 46 miles of packed dirt, gravel and extremely rough roads
  • Golden Anti-Gravity Mini-Epic Century: 83 miles, 11,000 feet of climbing, 24 miles of packed dirt, gravel, and extremely rough roads
    • Beautiful, unseasonably warm weather with temperatures in the 80s in the Denver area and mid-60s in the foothills (Idaho Springs, Central City, and Black Hawk) along with some gusty breezes
    • Stunning Colorado scenery and beautiful backroads, all within a 25 mile radius of Golden, CO
  • 19 pre-registered riders, 18 ride starters, 1 late cancellation, 3 DNFs...alas, no women...
  • 6 riders completed the entire epic century course
  • 5 riders completed the mini-epic course
  • 4 riders completed the mini-epic course plus extra climbs!

Note: To be listed as a finisher, riders had to successfully complete all of the climbs for that course. Riders who did not complete the long course were listed as finishers for the mini-epic. For those riders who did not finish, it was still an excellent day of training!

Epic Century (115miles) Finishers:
  • Ryan Franz, 36*
  • Mark Lowe, 40
  • Chuck Matthys, 55
  • Eric Nelsen, 42
  • Steven Philips, 47
  • Steve Rudolph, 53
*Congratulations to Ryan Franz who posted the day's fastest time, completing the extremely challenging 115 mile course in 9 hours, 28 minutes! 

Mini-Epic (83 miles) Finishers:
  • Don Cameron, 51
  • Dave Gehlert, 50
  • Josh Horwood, 34
  • Tom Miller, 45*
  • Mark Pfeil, 46
  • Dave Ratcliff, 42*
  • Trevor Rehm, 27*
  • Jason Turner, 39
  • Walter Zitz, 28*
*Did extra climbs!

Trevor Rehm, Steven Philips, Ryan Franz, Eric Nelsen, Steve Rudolph, and Tom Miller on top of Genesee Mountain, admiring the views of Golden below.
The start of the spectacular, twisty descent down Little Bear Creek Road from Squaw Pass to Idaho Springs. And yes...that's a gravel road!
Amazing views of historic mines as riders grind their way up Virgnia Canyon (Oh, My God Rd)
Steve Rudolph is all smiles (well...mostly smiles) after completing the final steep climb up Drew Hill and Crawford Gulch Rd from Golden Gate State Park. 
Tom Miller at the conclusion of the ride!