Thursday, December 24, 2015

What's New for 2016?

1. 2016 Colorado Triple for the climbers! 
Okay...maybe this statement isn't 100% accurate since all of the events of the Colorado Triple Crown have an incredible amount of vertical gain. But the 2016 Colorado Triple Crown does include three of the most challenging double centuries in the world: Cycle to Saturn Double Century, Colorado Classic Double Century, and the Cripple Creek Crippler. And for comparison, the 2016 series has about 7,500 more feet of climbing than the 2015 series. So the 2016 series definitely has the greatest amount of vertical gain to date!

We are taking a one-year hiatus from the Colorado Death Ride and Denver-to-Aspen. The reasons for this are multi-fold, but the primary goal is to keep the series "fresh" for our participants as we continue to infuse the series with EPIC, new events! So please don't fret! The Colorado Death Ride and Denver to Aspen will be back in 2017, along with at least one (if not two!) fresh new rides! Our wonderful state simply has too many spectacular places to explore!

2. Qualification
We will continue to use last season's pre-qualification guidelines, which give more riders from outside the RMCC access to the series.

Participants who have not met the pre-qualification requirements listed below can still register and participate, but they will need to ride with a personal support vehicle until they can demonstrate that they can safely complete at least one of the Triple Crown events within its designated time limit. 

To pre-qualify, prospective participants must complete one of the following events in the previous 24 months:
  1. Any Colorado Triple Crown event
  2. A mountainous double century (or longer) event in another part of the country (time required for verification)
  3. One of the RMCC-sponsored 300 km brevets in less than 14 hours
  4. Successful completion of another extreme endurance event of at least 12 hours duration:
    • Ironman Triathlon < 14 hours (time required for verification)
    • 50+ mile mountainous running ultra-marathon < 12 hours
As in previous seasons, RMCC membership is still be required to participate! 

3. Registration
  1. Fees. Registration fees will remain the same for 2016 ($40-50/event). Please keep in mind that these are cost recovery fees for running these events. These fees barely cover our expenses for supporting these rides. We do not turn a profit for running these events!  
  2. Registration is now open! Click on the links below to register. Once you see your name on the appropriate roster on the right tab of this blog, you'll know that your registration is complete:
    1. Colorado High Country Double Century
    2. Cycle to Saturn Double Century
    3. Colorado Classic Double Century
    4. Crippler Creek Crippler
    5. Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop
  3. Withdrawal. For those individuals who have registered for an event and need to withdraw, they can do so up to 2 weeks prior to the date of the event for a full refund. Within 2 weeks, refunds will not be granted. 
  4. Transfers. Registration fees are NOT be transferrable between events less than 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. So please plan ahead!

4. Volunteers
We are 100% dependent on volunteer support!!! 
For 2016, we are continuing to ask (i.e., beg) for volunteer help!  I'm not going to lie! Volunteering for one of these events is a long day...usually between 12-21 hours! And it usually involves getting up well before the crack of dawn. But volunteering can be quite a bit of fun too! For 2016, we will provide the following incentives to volunteer:
  1. If a rider volunteers for an event, he/she can participate in another Triple Crown event for free.
  2. Riders who volunteer may pre-ride or post-ride an event sometime during 2016 to receive official Colorado Triple Crown credit. This is the only situation that we will allow participants to pre- or post-ride and receive credit for completing the event.
  3. Volunteers who provide SAG/driving support for the event will be reimbursed for their mileage  accrued during the event (at the current Federal rate). We will also reimburse for volunteer motels and food/snack purchases accrued during the event. 
  • If we are unable to secure volunteers for an event, the event will still be contested in brevet format (i.e., without support). Please be aware of this! If this situation does occur, participants can expect to receive a partial refund for that event.

5. 2016 Colorado Triple Crown Stage Race
The following Triple Crown events are included in next season's stage race. The rider with the fastest cumulative time for the following three events wins the series:
  1. Colorado High Country Double Century
  2. Cycle to Saturn Double Century
  3. Cripple Creek Crippler

6. Triple Crown Kits

Riders who complete the extremely challenging 2016 Colorado Triple Crown Series are eligible to purchase one of our stealthy Colorado Triple Crown kits. If we have registration funds left over at the end of the season, I will apply these funds toward the purchase of next season's kits.

Happy holidays and bring on 2016! Let the climbing begin!!!

Mark Lowe

Sunday, December 13, 2015

2016 Colorado Triple Crown and Challenge Series Calendar

Okay...anticipation is already building for the 2016 season! Here's the preliminary Colorado Triple Crown and Challenge Series schedule. The 2016 Series is definitely a climber's series, so get ready to climb! 2016 Colorado Triple Crown calendar:

  1. June 11, 2016: Colorado High Country Double Century (Boulder to Steamboat), 207 miles, 12,000 feet. (This is the only point-to-point event on the calendar next year. Please start making arrangements for transportation back to Boulder ASAP!) 
  2. June 25, 2016: Cycle to Saturn Double Century, 200 miles, 20,000 feet, 7 miles of (tricky) dirt/gravel roads
  3. July 9, 2016: Colorado Classic Double Century, 241 miles, 17,000 feet, 41 miles of dirt/gravel roads. (Back-up date: July 10, 2016 if weather conditions are not rideable on July 9)
  4. July 30, 2016: Cripple Creek Crippler, 207 miles, 19,000 feet
  5. August 20, 2016: Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop, 200 miles 15,500 feet
A few notes:
  • These events and dates are subject to change depending on road conditions and construction projects. 
  • We are taking a year off from the Colorado Death Ride and Denver-to-Aspen for 2016. These two events will be back in 2017, along with at least one new event!
  • The information contained on this blog for each event has not been updated yet. I will be updating these over the next few weeks! 
  • We are still uncertain if the Just for Kids Foundation in Telluride will host the Mountains to Desert/Telluride 200 in 2016. Last year's double century event was cancelled due to lack of pre-registered riders. If the Telluride 200 is contested on September 24, 2016, riders hoping to complete the Colorado Triple Crown will receive credit for the event if they successfully complete the ride within the challenging time restriction. 
2016 RMCC Challenge Series Events
These events are timed events, shorter than the Triple Crown rides, but meant to help prepare riders for the rigors of the Colorado Triple Crown.
  1. April 29, 2016: Foothills Climbfest, 80 miles, 8000 feet. We have traditionally contested this timed ride during Memorial Day weekend in May. But in order to avoid conflict with other events on the RMCC calendar, we will likely hold this ride in April this season. 
  2. May 28, 2016: Boulder Fearsome Five, 100 miles, 15,000+ feet of climbing...back for the first time since the epic floods of 2013!
  3. Sept 2016, TBD. Gold Belt Century, Colorado Springs. If you don't have a gravel or cross bike, you will need one for this incredible century! More details to come soon! 
Guanella Pass will be entirely paved from Georgetown to Grant for 2016,  making this year's Cycle to Saturn Double Century perhaps a bit easier?!? Come and find out for yourself! 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Congratulations to the 2015 Colorado Triple Crown Finishers!

Congratulations to this year's Colorado Triple Crown Finishers! The Triple Crown is the most difficult road cycling series in this state! By completing the series, each rider successfully completed three of the possible five Triple Crown events offered for 2015 for a total distance of > 600 miles and total climbing of at least 45000 feet! 

  1. Chris Baker (1) 
  2. Graham Barnes (1)
  3. Diane Benoit (4) 
  4. Ryan Franz (3) 
  5. Josh Horwood (2) 
  6. Jason Kaminski (2) 
  7. Mark Lowe (6) 
  8. Tom Miller (5) 
  9. Eric Nelsen (4) 
  10. Harris Rosenthal (1) 
  11. Steve Rudolph (4) 
  12. Tim Schaefer (1)
  13. Steve Schroer (3) 
  14. Jon Sendor (1) 
  15. Vernon Smith (1) 
  16. Stephen Strayer (1) 
  17. Colin Stokes (1) 
  18. Walter Zitz (2) 
Thanks to all of this year's volunteers for their help! We cannot run this series in it's current timed format without the assistance of volunteers. Thanks for your valuable time and hard work!!
  1. Nick Faes: Colorado Classic Double Century
  2. Charlie Henderson: Colorado High Country, Colorado Death Ride, Grand Loop
  3. Jim Kraychy: Grand Loop
  4. Beth Long and Brent Myers: Grand Loop
  5. Mark Michel: Colorado Classic Double
  6. Penny Nelsen: Colorado High Country, Colorado Death Ride
  7. Melissa Rice: Colorado Classic Double
  8. Kelly Shannon: Colorado Death Ride
  9. Amanda Strayer: Denver-to-Aspen
  10. Corinne Warren: Colorado High Country, Denver-to-Aspen

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Telluride 200/Mountains to Desert Canceled!

Due to the lack of pre-registered riders, the Telluride 200 Double Century bike ride has been canceled on 9/26/15. Our apologies for those riders who were planning on using this non-RMCC event for Colorado Triple Crown credit. The event organizers are hoping to bring back the 200 mile event in 2016. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015 Denver-to-Aspen Recap

Spectacular views from Independence Pass, one of Colorado's best high alpine climbs!
The Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic has been the "signature ride" of the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC) since the 1990s. For many years during the 1990s, Denver-to-Aspen was run as a public event, attracting as many as 190+ riders each year, including the likes of former Giro d'Italia competitor, Michael Carter! The Joe Lookingbill-designed course, which traverses US-285 from Conifer to Johnson Village, is extremely "top-heavy" and "end-heavy" in climbing, ascending 13,500 feet in 180 total miles. In the middle of US-285 sits the cycling gem of South Park, a little piece of Kansas in the Colorado Rockies! With its rolling terrain and potential for unpredictable headwinds, the South Park Valley has posed a significant challenge to Denver-to-Aspen participants since the event's inception. In recent years, however, an increase in traffic along the US-285 corridor, fueled by a booming population in Colorado, has added to the challenge of this already difficult course. Traffic along the US-285 has increased the potential risk of accidents and injuries to Denver-to-Aspen participants. This season, the RMCC Board of Directors approved a re-design of the RMCC signature ride in the interest of keeping the event safe for participants.

For 2015, Denver-to-Aspen participants made the single-day pilgrimage to Aspen along a new course which presented many of the same challenges of the original Joe Lookingbill course, including stunning mountain scenery and LOTS of climbing! Starting with the difficult climb up Lookout Mountain to the west of Golden, the new route the traverses the lightly traveled frontage roads along the I-70 corridor, rather than the highly trafficked US-285. The new course features 16,000+ feet of climbing in 181 miles, including three challenging high-altitude climbs: Loveland Pass, Fremont Pass, and (like the original Joe Lookingbill course) ending with a climb (and exhilarating descent) of the stunning Independence Pass. As one nine-time Denver-to-Aspen veteran noted after the ride, "it's what Denver-to-Aspen was meant to be!" Congratulations to all of this year's participants who tackled this new, intimidating Denver-to-Aspen course!

Billy Edwards leads the charge up Lookout Mountain en route to Aspen. Photo by S. Legagnoux.

2015 Denver-to-Aspen Event Summary:

  • 181 miles, 16,000+ feet of climbing
  • 5 categorized climbs:
    • Lookout Mountain: Cat 2 (Golden to I-70 entrance) 
    • Loveland Pass (elev. 11,990 ft): HC (from Georgetown)
    • Swan Mountain Road: Cat 4
    • Fremont Pass (elev. 11,318 ft): Cat 1 (from Copper Mountain)
    • Independence Pass (elev. 12,095 ft): HC (from Twin Lakes)
  • 2 crossings of the Continental Divide: Loveland Pass and Independence Pass
  • 20 pre-registered riders
  • 18 ride starters, 1 early withdrawal, 1 late withdrawal. Of the riders who started, 17 were men, 1 (brave-hearted) woman (You go, Diane!)
  • 14 official finishers (78% finishing rate), successfully completing this epic course in under 16 hours, 15 minutes  (>11.1 m.p.h.). 
  • The trio of Mark Lowe, Stephen Strayer, and Walter Zitz recorded the fastest finishing time of the day, completing the new Denver-to-Aspen course in a total elapsed time of 11 hrs, 3 min (17.1 mph). 
  • Congratulations to Diane Benoit of Morrison, our lone female finisher. Diane finished this year's Denver-to-Aspen with a time of 13 hrs, 46 min (13.1 mph).
Mark Lowe, Stephen Strayer, and Walter Zitz pull into the checkpoint on top of Fremont Pass.
Photo by S. Legagnoux.
Special thanks to the following individuals from giving out their valuable time to support this year's Denver-to-Aspen. We simply cannot run these events in their current format without their help! Thanks so much to each of you!
  • Corinne Warren
  • Amanda Strayer
  • Also providing support on the course:
    • Rick Melick
    • Scott Grow
  • Special thanks to Susanne Legagnoux, who provided some wonderful action-packed photos for our blog! 

Brief Results:

Name Age  Hometown Total Time
Strayer, Stephen 37 Noblesville, IN 11:03
Zitz, Walter 29 Englewood, CO 11:03
Lowe, Mark 41 Arvada, CO 11:03
Edwards, Billy 37 Boulder, CO 11:20
Horwood, Josh 35 Loveland, CO 12:04
Franz, Ryan 37 Boulder, CO 12:14
Rudolph, Steve 55 Westminster, CO 12:19
Rondon, Janz 36 Denver, CO 12:29
Kaminski, Jason 45 Longmont, CO 12:49
Miller, Tom 45 Denver, CO 12:59
Johnson, Kieran 37 Denver, CO 13:37
Sendor, Jon 58 Denver, CO 13:37
Benoit, Diane 57 Morrison, CO 13:46
Legagnoux, Thierry 44 Ableiges, FR 13:46
Baker, Chris 44 Firestone, CO DNF
Rosenthal, Harris* 53 Denver, CO DNF
Nelson, David 60 Greenwood Village, CO DNF
Shannon, Kelly 54 Denver, CO DNF

*Wishing you a speedy recovery, Harris! I hope to see you back out on the road soon!

By completing the challenging, new Denver-to-Aspen course, the following riders have successfully completed the 2015 Colorado Triple Crown:
  • Diane Benoit (4th Triple Crown)
  • Ryan Franz (3rd Triple Crown)

Jon Sendor and Kieran Johnson crest the spectacular Loveland Pass. Photo by S. Legagnoux.
Jason Kaminski is feeling a little shy on oxygen on top of Loveland Pass! Photo by S. Legagnoux.
Feeling the lack of oxygen, Thierry Legagnoux summits Loveland Pass en route to Aspen. Photo by S. Legagnoux.
Janz Rondon summits Loveland Pass on his way toward completing Denver-to-Aspen and his first Colorado Triple Crown event. Photo by S. Legagnoux.
Jon Sendor charges up Fremont Pass. Photo by S. Legagnoux.

Mark Lowe, Walter Zitz, and Stephen Strayer arrive at the Woody Creek Tavern,
relieved to have completed the new Denver-to-Aspen course!
Flexing some muscle at the end of day, Billy Edwards used Denver-to-Aspen as a warm-up
for the Ultraman World Championships in November. Great ride, Billy!
Josh Horwood arrives at the Woody Creek Tavern, relaxed and composed at the end of this year's ride.

Ryan Franz stands by his trusty Litespeed steed at the Woody Creek Tavern! 

Steve Rudolph is exhausted (but still smiling) at the end of Denver-to-Aspen.
Janz Rondon rode admirably to complete Denver-to-Aspen and his first Colorado Triple Crown event. Great ride!
Jason Kaminski is relieved to be back at the Woody Creek Tavern! Great ride, Jason! 
Tom Miller finds his climbing form during this year's Denver-to-Aspen.

Kieran Johnson is all business at the conclusion of Denver-to-Aspen! Great ride, Kieran!

Jon Sendor successfully completes his first Denver-to-Aspen! Great ride, Jon!
Time to take a breather (to get ready for next season, of course!) 
Thierry Legagnoux (visiting from Ableiges, France!) and Colorado Triple Crown veteran, Diane Benoit, worked together to complete the challenging new Denver-to-Aspen course. Great ride to both of you! 
Mark Lowe and Thierry Legagnoux at the Woody Creek Tavern. (Rumor has it that Thierry was going to throw in the towel at Twin Lakes, but decided to press on toward Aspen. And he finished in plenty of time! Great ride, Thierry!)

Corinne Warren and Amanda Strayer are exhausted after a long day of supporting riders!
Thanks so much for your help!!!

Next up: Telluride 200/Mountains to Desert: September 26, 2015!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Denver-to-Aspen Updates

Independence Pass, the final BIG climb of Denver-to-Aspen!
The Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic is scheduled for Saturday, August 29, 2015. Here are some VERY important updates regarding this year's ride:

1) Due to concerns about the safety of the current course, specifically regarding worsening traffic along US-285 (the major east-to-west corridor for the current course), we will NOT be riding the Joe Lookingbill-designed course in 2015. We will instead be using a route that parallels the I-70 corridor, including Lookout Mountain and Loveland Pass to Copper Mountain. From Copper Mountain, the course will venture south along CO-91 over Fremont Pass to Leadville, then along US-24 toward Twin Lakes. The route will then turn west along CO-82 to climb Independence Pass before reaching Aspen and the cycling haven of Woody Creek. We feel this course change is essential to keep the event safe for all participants! Although the new course avoids the highly-trafficked US-285, it does present additional climbing...nearly 2,200 feet, for a grand total of 15,965 feet in 180 miles. But we do feel the new course will be a much safer and a more enjoyable experience for all participants. For a sneak-peak of the new course: 2015 Denver-to-Aspen (prelim. route)

2) This event was originally slated to be run in brevet (i.e., unsupported) format. Several individuals have graciously stepped forward to provide event support for this year's ride. So the 2015 Denver-to-Aspen will be fully supported with RMCC-provided support vehicles. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered!! As with all other Triple Crown events, participants may choose to ride with a personal support vehicle as well.

3) The event will still start at 4:00 am sharp. On August 29, 2015, civil twilight begins at 5:57 am, meaning the first two hours of the ride will be ridden entirely in the dark. Civil twilight ends at 8:04 pm. In traditional Denver-to-Aspen fashion, we do NOT want riders descending Independence Pass in the dark. Participants must finish by the end of civil twilight, 8:04 pm. Riders will therefore have 16 hours, 4 minutes (>11.20 mph) to successfully complete this event and receive Colorado Triple Crown credit. Consider this a "race against the sun!"

Please pay attention to this blog for additional changes. Come out and experience the final Colorado Triple Crown event of 2015!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop Recap...Colorado's Grandest Loop!

Stunning views of Rocky Mountain National Park from the famed Trail Ridge Road,
North America's highest paved highway (Photo by Tim Schaefer)

For the first time since the epic Front Range floods of September 2013, members of the RMCC embarked on a single-day pilgrimage of the Colorado Front Range's most classic cycling loop, the Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop. The Grand Loop is an epic cycling loop that climbs into the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park over the spectacular Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous highway in North America. The course returns with a stunning ascent (and even more exhilarating descent) of Berthoud Pass to the south of Winter Park as participants make the long journey back to Golden, CO. Breathtaking, rugged high alpine scenery, dense pine forests, and roadsides draped with wildflowers were the norm for the day as participants climbed over 16,000 feet in 200 miles. This year's event, which had 22 riders starters (tying our largest field ever!), featured sunny skies, (very) warm temperatures, and generally light winds...a great day to ride Colorado's grandest loop!

The Grand Loop is ridden in memory of RMCC member, Tim Kalisch (1967 - 2011). For Tim, the Grand Loop was his epic ride...a ride that he looked forward to completing each season! This year, we were honored to have Tim's daughter, Kimberly, at the finish. Kimberly greeted riders in Golden as they completed the Grand Loop, her father's favorite cycling loop and most epic cycling adventure. Kimberly writes:

Dear 2015 Grand Loop Participants,

Thank you all so much for your kind words. But most of all, thank you for keeping my dad's name alive. It means the world to us, as cycling was his world. 

Cheers to him,


A herd of Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park at 12,000 feet
(Photo by Tim Shaefer)
2015 Grand Loop Event Summary:

  • 200 miles, 16,000 feet of climbing
  • 8 categorized climbs:
    • Wyoming Circle Climb (Golden): Cat 4
    • 93 Climb (North of Golden): Cat 4
    • US-36 (Lyons to Estes Park): Cat 1
    • Trail Ridge Road, from Estes Park (elev. 12,183 ft): HC
    • Victory Highway Climb (North of Tabernash): Cat 4
    • Berthoud Pass, from Fraser (elev. 11,307 ft): Cat 1
    • Floyd Hill: Cat 3
    • Soda Creek Climb: Cat 4
  • 2 crossings of the Continental Divide: Milner Pass (elev. 10,758 ft, RMNP) and Berthoud Pass (elev. 11,307 ft) 
  • The courses traverses Rocky Mountain National Park via the spectacular Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved road in North America
  • 23 pre-registered riders
  • 22 ride starters, 1 early withdrawal. Of the riders who started, 21 were men, 1 (brave-hearted) woman.
  • 21 official finishers (95% finishing rate), successfully completing this epic course in under 18 hours (>11.1 m.p.h.). 
  • Mark Lowe recorded the fastest finishing time of the day, completing the Grand Loop in 11 hrs, 31 min (17.4 mph). Billy Edwards holds the course record, 11 hrs, 4 min (2013). 
  • Congratulations to Diane Benoit of Morrison, our lone female finisher. Diane finished this year's Grand Loop with a time of 15 hrs, 37 min (12.8 mph).
Views of RMNP from the valley before the start of the climb up Trail Ridge Road
(Photo by Tim Schaefer)

Special thanks to this year's volunteers. We simply cannot run these events in this current timed format without their assistance! Thanks again to each of you for your valuable time and efforts!
  • Charlie Henderson and Corinne Warren: Charlie and Corinne drove our lone support vehicle, providing front-end support in Lyons, Estes Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. 
  • Beth Long and Brent Myers. Beth and Brent ran a fantastic aid stations in Granby and on top of Berthoud Pass, respectively.
  • Jim Kraychy. Jim helped record finishing times in Golden and was our official club liason with guest of honor, Kimberly Kalisch.
Trail Ridge Road climbs into the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park
(Photo by Tim Schaefer)

Brief Results:

Name Age Hometown Total Time
Lowe, Mark 41 Arvada, CO 11:31
Nelsen, Eric 42 Evergreen, CO 12:04
Franz, Ryan 37 Boulder, CO 12:29
Rudolph, Steve 55 Westminster, CO 12:29
Horwood, Josh 35 Loveland, CO 12:33
Schaefer, Tim 49 Denver, CO 13:14
Rosenthal, Harris 53 Denver, CO 13:37
Strayer, Stephen 37 Noblesville, IN 14:07
Baker, Chris 44 Firestone, CO 14:07
Schroer, Steve 46 Littleton, CO 14:07
Smith, Vernon 57 Colorado Springs, CO 14:34
Jensen, Keith 41 Windsor, CO 14:34
Henderson, Michael 49 Dolores, CO 14:46
Stokes, Colin 49 Mission Viejo, CA 14:46
Hulett, Jeffrey 55 Golden, CO 14:47
Olson, Kale 28 Lochbuie, CO 14:47
Flanigan, John 57 Denver, CO 14:55
Nelson, David 60 Greenwood Village, CO 15:31
Benoit, Diane 57 Morrison, CO 15:37
Barnes, Graham 44 Boulder, CO 16:50
Turek, Michael 48 Longmont, CO 16:59
Zitz, Walter 29 Englewood, CO DNF*
*Mechanical problems

By completing the Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop, the following riders have successfully completed the 2015 Colorado Triple Crown. Congratulations to each of you!

  1. Chris Baker (1st Triple Crown)
  2. Graham Barnes (1st Triple Crown)
  3. Josh Horwood (2nd Triple Crown)
  4. Harris Rosenthal (1st Triple Crown)
  5. Tim Schaefer (1st Triple Crown)
  6. Steve Schroer (3rd Triple Crown)
  7. Vernon Smith (1st Triple Crown)
  8. Colin Stokes (1st Triple Crown)

Guest of honor, Kimberly Kalisch and significant other, greet Grand Loop finishers at Golden High School
Mark Lowe at the conclusion of the Grand Loop. This was Mark's sixth Grand Loop
Eric Nelsen had a strong day on the bike to complete his fourth Grand Loop! Congratulations, Eric!
Looking fresh at the finish, Colorado Triple Crown veterans, Steve Rudolph and Ryan Franz, are ready for a second lap! 
With his nutrition dialed in, Josh Horwood completes his first Colorado Triple Crown series since 2012.
Congratulations, Josh! 
Tim Schaefer survives the Grand Loop to complete his first Colorado Triple Crown series.
Congratulations, Tim!

In spite of a frustrating day of flats, Walter Zitz keeps a bright attitude and smile on his face.
(I've been there myself, Walter. On to the next one...)
Harris Rosenthal is exhausted at the finish, but is glad to have completed his first Colorado Triple Crown series!
Great series, Harris! 
Stephen Strayer is relieved to have survived his first Grand Loop after spending a week at sea level
in his home state of Indiana. Great ride, Stephen!

Steve Schroer completes the 2015 Grand Loop and his third Colorado Triple Crown series! Great ride, Steve!
Chris Baker takes a breather in the grass at Golden High School after completing his first Grand Loop!
Excellent ride, Chris!
Vernon Smith felt like he struggled a bit on the bike, but still had a stellar Grand Loop!
Congratulations on completing your first Triple Crown series, Vernon!
Colin Stokes and Michael Henderson at the finish. Colin, from Mission Viejo, CA, becomes the fifth rider from out-of-state to complete the Colorado Triple Crown series! Great ride to the both of you!
Keith Jensen used some creative navigating to find his way back to Golden.
(I am relieved that you made it back safely!)
Jeffrey Hulett and Kale Olson survive a frustrating day of flats to successfully complete the Grand Loop!
Great ride to the both of you!
John Flanigan successfully completes his first Grand Loop and Colorado Triple Crown event! Great ride, John!
David Nelson is exhausted, but relieved to have survived his first Grand Loop! Great ride, David!
Colorado Triple Crown veteran, Diane Benoit, survives another Grand Loop and remains in good spirits
at the end of the ride. Congratulations, Diane!
Graham Barnes completes his first Grand Loop and Colorado Triple Crown series on a modified mountain bike! Congratulations, Graham! 
Mike Turek sticks to the moto that it's better to be the "Lanterne Rouge" than the "Lanterne DNF!" Great ride, Mike!
Brent Myers and Beth Long provided support for this year's Grand Loop participants in Granby and on top of Berthoud Pass. Thanks again for your help!!!
Jim Kraychy and Charlie Henderson at the conclusion of the Grand Loop in Golden
More elk at 12,000 feet in RMNP! (Photo by Tim Schaefer)

The spectacular Trail Ridge Road (Photo by Tim Schaefer)