Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 Colorado Triple Crown Finishers

Congratulations to the following RMCC members for completing this year's Colorado Triple Crown, Colorado's most difficult road cycling series! This year's "class" had 19 finishers (including 11 fledgling ultra-cyclists), the largest Colorado Triple Crown class ever!

  1. Benoit, Diane
  2. Driscoll, Tom (CA)
  3. Howell, Craig
  4. Hulett, Jeffrey
  5. Jensen, Keith
  6. Knerl, Andrew
  7. Lowe, Mark
  8. Miller, Tom
  9. Nelsen, Eric
  10. Purul, Lisa
  11. Rudolph, Steve
  12. Schroer, Steve
  13. Secunda, Dave
  14. Shannon, Kelly
  15. Summerhill, Fran
  16. White, Andrew and Kami (tandem)
  17. Wiss, Dick

Although we don't have a special category for it (yet), congratulations to the following riders for completing all four rides of the series...the Colorado Triple Crown "Grand Slam" finishers:
  1. Howell, Craig
  2. Hulett, Jeffrey
  3. Lowe, Mark
  4. Miller, Tom
  5. Nelsen, Eric
  6. Rudolph, Steve
  7. Shannon, Kelly
  8. Stanton, Mark
The sun sets on the 2013 Colorado Triple Crown.