Sunday, October 3, 2021

2020 Colorado Triple Crown Finishers

Congratulations to the following riders who have successfully completed the 2020 Corona, "do-it-yourself" version of the Colorado Triple Crown series. To successfully complete the series, participants had to complete 3 of the Triple Crown courses without support. These courses are extremely challenging with support, so extra kudos to those RMCC members who have completed this year's series without any help. This year's finishers are: Graham Barnes Paul Foley* Pascal Ledru* Andy Lapkass (single speed) Mark Lowe Tom Miller David Nelson** Rich Rodgers Michael Turek Vernon Smith Corinne Warren *First Colorado Triple Crown **Oldest Colorado Triple Crown Finisher, 67 years old. Congratulations, Dave!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Colorado Triple Crown Update: The Virtual "Corona" Colorado Triple Crown Series

2020 has obviously not been the year that any of us had hoped it would be. The Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected everything that we consider "normal" in our lives. This includes little things like simply riding our bikes to more extravagant social bike events, including races and organized century rides.

The events conducted by the RMCC, including the Colorado Triple Crown, have also been adversely affected by the pandemic. In an attempt to remain compliant with the public health recommendations of "social distancing" and "staying at home," we canceled the first four events of this year's Colorado Triple Crown series, including AntiEpic Gravel Grinder, the Colorado Mesa Double Century, the Denver to Aspen Classic, and the Colorado Classic Double Century. At first glance, this makes it impossible for any rider to complete three of the events in year's series. There is only one event left on this season's calendar: Colorado Tour de Moose Double Century. However, as social distancing restrictions are gradually lifted, we think that we have a fair and safe solution that will allow club members to complete this year's Colorado Triple Crown series. But it is going to involve some motivation and planning on your end!

To try to preserve the series for as many of you as possible, we are allowing RMCC members to create and ride their own virtual Colorado Triple Crown series for the remainder of this season. This has been approved by our club's insurance for this season.

Here are the steps to complete a virtual Colorado Triple Crown event:
1) Please have an active RMCC membership. This is non-negotiable. 

2) Select a course to ride. See the extensive list below. As in previous years, RMCC members must complete 3 of the rides to complete the series.

3) Email Mark Lowe ( at least 1 week prior to your ride for pre-approval. Please include the names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of every RMCC member who will be participating. Mark will provide you with additional details regarding the logistics of your ride. Please try to keep your group of riders small (< 5-6 riders) to remain compliant with public health guidelines. 

4) You will be e-mailed a copy of our club's insurance waiver. Please have everyone who is participating in your ride sign the waiver and e-mail it back to Mark. 

5) Personal support vehicles are allowed and encouraged for rider safety. But participants must complete the entire course on their own to receive credit for completing the course.

6) Study your course in advance to plan your self-support points. 

7) Have a great ride! 

8) Please post your completed ride to Strava or Ride with GPS to receive credit for completing your adventure.

9) Time limits:
A) Courses that have < 17,000 feet of climbing need to be completed in < 19 hours.
B) Courses with >17,000 feet of climbing need to be completed in < 22 hours.
C) 24 hour time limit for: Clear Creek Crusher, Golden Goliath Double Century (lowland and highland courses), Mt Evans - Pikes Peak Challenge (both directions), and Evergreen to Vail Double Century. These rides are very difficult! 

Colorado Triple Crown courses that can be used complete your virtual "Corona" 2020 series:

AntiEpic Gravel Grinder

Colorado Classic Double Century

Colorado Death Ride

Colorado Death Ride (Clockwise from Ridgway)

Colorado High Country Double Century

Colorado Mesa Double Century

Cripple Creek Crippler

Cycle to Saturn Double Century

Denver to Aspen Classic

Joe Lookingbill Denver to Aspen Classic

Kebler Kamikaze Double Century

Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop

New courses that can be used to complete your virtual 2020 Colorado Triple Crown:

Clear Creek Crusher Double Century

Evergreen to Vail Double Century

Golden Goliath Double Century (Lowland Route)

Golden Goliath Double Century (Highland Route) 

Grand Loop (Reverse Direction)

Mt Evans - Pikes Peak Challenge

Pikes Peak - Mt Evans Challenge (Reverse)

Peak-to-Peak Double Century

Slumgullion Slayer Double Century

Stove Prairie Stampede Double Century

Tarryall Thrasher Double Century

Vail Octopus

Please e-mail me with additional questions, Mark Lowe:

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

2020 Denver to Aspen Classic and Colorado Classic Double Century Canceled

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we unfortunately must cancel this year's Denver to Aspen Classic and Colorado Classic Double Century. We are optimistic that these events will be back on the Colorado Triple Crown calendar in the near future. Many apologies...

Mark Lowe

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

2020 Colorado Mesa Double Century Canceled

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we unfortunately must cancel this event for 2020. Please follow the RMCC website and the Colorado Triple Crown Blog to determine if other upcoming events are canceled. Thanks and many apologies.

Mark Lowe

Friday, April 24, 2020

2020 AntiEpic Gravel Grinder Canceled

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we unfortunately must cancel this year's AntiEpic Gravel Grinder. We are optimistic that this event will be back on the Colorado Triple Crown calendar in 2021.

It is possible that we may need cancel additional events as the pandemic continues and as social distancing AND "stay at home" recommendations remain in place. Please pay attention to the RMCC website and the RMCC Meetup calendar for additional information.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any additional questions: Mark Lowe,

Sunday, December 1, 2019

What's New for 2020?

We have an outstanding line up for 2020! Click the link below to check out the schedule:

Here are the details about the 2020 series:
  1. We will have 5 official rides and 3 brevet-style rides for participants to choose from. Details about the 2020 events are listed on the right sidebar of this blog. As in previous years, participants must successfully complete 3 events to complete the series. To complete the series, participants can either complete 3 of the 5 official events OR complete 2 of the official events and 1 of the brevet-style events during 2020.
  2. Next year marks the return of the Colorado Classic Double Century. After a massive 3 year paving project, Cottonwood Pass is finally paved and re-opened to cyclists, allowing us to place this epic event (which is perhaps the most difficult of the Colorado Triple Crown events due to the combination of length and the unpaved Kebler Pass) back on the 2020 Colorado Triple Crown calendar. We've managed to shave 7 miles off of the course by using Jack's Cabin turnoff (also unpaved) to connect US 50 to the south of Crested Butte to Taylor Canyon. 
  3. For the 2020 season, we will allow participants to complete 1 of 3 unsupported, brevet-style rides. Get ready for an ass-whooping! All of the brevet-style courses are extremely difficult. Participants can only complete 1 of these courses during 2020 for Colorado Triple Crown credit. And these are the only courses that participants can ride for Triple Crown credit, so please plan ahead! To complete one of these rides for Triple Crown credit, please e-mail Mark Lowe ( at least 24 hours in advance. After completing the course, participants will need to upload their ride GPS data to either Ride with GPS or Strava to demonstrate proof of completing the course within the time limit AND provide picture documentation of their bikes at specific locations along the course (see below). The brevet style courses include:  
    1. Clear Creek Crusher: 203 miles, 23,000+ feet of climbing. Time limit: 23 hours. Clear Creek County's hardest climbs: Mt. Evans, Squaw Pass, Fall River Rd, Berthoud Pass, Loveland Pass. This course can be ridden after the new bridge that will connect the I-70 frontage road to Fall River Road is completed, sometime during 2020. Picture documentation required at Mt, Evans Summit, Squaw Pass, St Mary's Glacier, Berthoud Pass, Loveland Pass, and Guanella Pass.  
    2. Peak-to-Peak Double Century Challenge: 202 miles 24,000+ feet of climbing. Time limit: 23 hours. A point-to-point route from Golden to Manitou Springs, including Mt Evans and Pikes Peak. Simply put, this is the world's most difficult double century: two 14,000+ peaks! This course can also be ridden in reverse. Special attention must be paid to the time restrictions on Pikes Peak (uphill gates open at 9:00 AM and close at 3:00 PM). Recommended start time: between 11 PM and 1:00 AM. Picture documentation required at Mt Evans Summit and Pikes Peak Summit.
    3. Colorado Death Ride: 225 miles, 16,500 feet of climbing. The Colorado Death Ride loop is one of our original Triple Crown courses. Participants can ride this amazing loop which encircles the San Juans in the counter-clockwise direction from Durango OR in the clockwise direction from Ridgway. Picture documentation required at Molas Pass, Red Mountain Pass, Dallas Divide, and Lizard Head Pass. 
  4. Registration for the 2020 series will open on March 1, 2020. Registration fees will range from $25 - $40 per event and will be non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please plan your schedule in advance. 
  5. As during previous seasons, RMCC membership ($25/year) is required to participate in the series. 
  6. For those club members who are planning to participate in next year's Colorado High Country 1200 km, we've left the entire month of July open. 
  7. In the unfortunate situation of terrible weather, wildfires, natural disasters, or road closures that make it impossible to complete an event on its scheduled day, that event can be ridden in brevet format (i.e., without RMCC support) on any day during 2020 for Colorado Triple Crown credit. Time limits will be lengthened by 1 hour for unsupported rides.
  8. Volunteers: We need your help! We've had wonderful volunteer support over the years and we hope that this will continue during 2020. In order to prevent volunteer burnout, we are asking for new volunteers (i.e.,  individuals who did not volunteer during 2019). However, we will not turn away old volunteers. As during previous years, volunteers may pre- or post-ride the event that they are volunteering for, with or without personal support, for Triple Crown credit. 
  9. We're excited to announce that his year's Colorado Triple Crown events will included in the Planet Ultra Grand Slam Series. Planet Ultra is one of the nation's premier advocates for ultra cycling events, organizing several of the double centuries included in the California Triple Crown series as well as the spectacular Hoodoo 500. By including the Colorado events in the Planet Ultra series, we're hopeful that this will entice a few riders from California to attempt our challenging series! 
  10. And last but not least, special thanks to two-time Colorado Triple Crown finisher, Rich Rodgers, for all of his hard work for helping us redesign the Colorado Triple Crown kit, which is the "trophy kit" for those riders who successfully complete the series. After 11 years, our beloved Colorado Triple Crown kit was due for an overhaul. Thanks to Rich for coming up with a design that is "timeless" (i.e., there are no specific events or dates listed on this jersey) and a bit more visible in the upper torso, which will hopefully improve rider safety. These will be available for order in December 2019.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

2019 Colorado Triple Crown Finishers

Congratulations to the following riders for completing the 2019 Colorado Triple Crown:

Graham Barnes (4)
Michael Bass (2)
Blaine Bates (1)
Jonathan Fey (1)
Dustin Harding (1)
Keith Jensen (3)
Mark Lowe (10)
Tom Miller (9)
Rich Rodgers (2)
Ray Rupel (6)
Rico Stephen (2)
Andy Stockman (3)
Jason Turner (1)
Mike Turek (2)
Corinne Warren (5)

A few notes:
  1. Congratulations to Corinne Warren for winning the Triple Crown Stage Race. This year's event included the Colorado High Country Double Century, Cripple Creek Crippler, and Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop. 
  2. Congratulations to this year's rookie class: Blaine Bates, Jonathan Fey, Dustin Harding, and Jason Turner
  3. Congratulations to Ray Rupel who, at 65 years young, becomes the oldest rider to complete the Colorado Triple Crown Series! Truly amazing, Ray! 
Special thanks again to all of this season's amazing volunteers! Thanks so much for your help!
Chris Baker
Will deRosset
Jonathan Fey
Dustin Harding
Keith Jensen
Oksana Kovalenko
Dave Nelson
Ray Rupel
Rico Stephen
Nat Schub
Erika Van Meter
Corinne Warren