Saturday, October 18, 2014

2014 Colorado Triple Crown Finishers

Congratulations to the following riders for completing the 2014 Colorado Triple Crown, Colorado's most difficult endurance road cycling series!

  1. Diane Benoit, Morrison, CO, 3rd Triple Crown
  2. Tim Cannon, Telluride, CO, 1st Triple Crown 
  3. Ryan Franz, Boulder, CO, 2nd Triple Crown
  4. Craig Howell, Littleton, CO, 3rd Triple Crown
  5. Mark Lowe, Arvada, CO, 5th Triple Crown 
  6. Tom Miller, Denver, CO, 4th Triple Crown
  7. Eric Nelsen, Evergreen, CO, 3rd Triple Crown
  8. David Nelson, Greenwood Village, CO, 1st Triple Crown
  9. Steven Philips, Boulder, CO, 1st Triple Crown
  10. Steve Rudolph, Westminster, CO, 3rd Triple Crown
  11. Ray Rupel, Centennial, CO, 2nd Triple Crown
  12. Steve Schroer, Littleton, CO, 2nd Triple Crown
  13. Michael Turek, Longmont, CO, 1st Triple Crown 
  14. Corinne Warren, Monument, CO, 1st Triple Crown
  15. Walter Zitz, Lakewood, CO, 1st Triple Crown 

Congratulations to the following riders who completed all four Triple Crown events offered by the RMCC in 2014:

  1. Mark Lowe
  2. Tom Miller
  3. Eric Nelsen
  4. Steve Rudolph

More to come soon on the 2015 Colorado Triple Crown!