Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Colorado Triple Crown Update: The Virtual "Corona" Colorado Triple Crown Series

2020 has obviously not been the year that any of us had hoped it would be. The Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected everything that we consider "normal" in our lives. This includes little things like simply riding our bikes to more extravagant social bike events, including races and organized century rides.

The events conducted by the RMCC, including the Colorado Triple Crown, have also been adversely affected by the pandemic. In an attempt to remain compliant with the public health recommendations of "social distancing" and "staying at home," we canceled the first four events of this year's Colorado Triple Crown series, including AntiEpic Gravel Grinder, the Colorado Mesa Double Century, the Denver to Aspen Classic, and the Colorado Classic Double Century. At first glance, this makes it impossible for any rider to complete three of the events in year's series. There is only one event left on this season's calendar: Colorado Tour de Moose Double Century. However, as social distancing restrictions are gradually lifted, we think that we have a fair and safe solution that will allow club members to complete this year's Colorado Triple Crown series. But it is going to involve some motivation and planning on your end!

To try to preserve the series for as many of you as possible, we are allowing RMCC members to create and ride their own virtual Colorado Triple Crown series for the remainder of this season. This has been approved by our club's insurance for this season.

Here are the steps to complete a virtual Colorado Triple Crown event:
1) Please have an active RMCC membership. This is non-negotiable. 

2) Select a course to ride. See the extensive list below. As in previous years, RMCC members must complete 3 of the rides to complete the series.

3) Email Mark Lowe ( at least 1 week prior to your ride for pre-approval. Please include the names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of every RMCC member who will be participating. Mark will provide you with additional details regarding the logistics of your ride. Please try to keep your group of riders small (< 5-6 riders) to remain compliant with public health guidelines. 

4) You will be e-mailed a copy of our club's insurance waiver. Please have everyone who is participating in your ride sign the waiver and e-mail it back to Mark. 

5) Personal support vehicles are allowed and encouraged for rider safety. But participants must complete the entire course on their own to receive credit for completing the course.

6) Study your course in advance to plan your self-support points. 

7) Have a great ride! 

8) Please post your completed ride to Strava or Ride with GPS to receive credit for completing your adventure.

9) Time limits:
A) Courses that have < 17,000 feet of climbing need to be completed in < 19 hours.
B) Courses with >17,000 feet of climbing need to be completed in < 22 hours.
C) 24 hour time limit for: Clear Creek Crusher, Golden Goliath Double Century (lowland and highland courses), Mt Evans - Pikes Peak Challenge (both directions), and Evergreen to Vail Double Century. These rides are very difficult! 

Colorado Triple Crown courses that can be used complete your virtual "Corona" 2020 series:

AntiEpic Gravel Grinder

Colorado Classic Double Century

Colorado Death Ride

Colorado Death Ride (Clockwise from Ridgway)

Colorado High Country Double Century

Colorado Mesa Double Century

Cripple Creek Crippler

Cycle to Saturn Double Century

Denver to Aspen Classic

Joe Lookingbill Denver to Aspen Classic

Kebler Kamikaze Double Century

Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop

New courses that can be used to complete your virtual 2020 Colorado Triple Crown:

Clear Creek Crusher Double Century

Evergreen to Vail Double Century

Golden Goliath Double Century (Lowland Route)

Golden Goliath Double Century (Highland Route) 

Grand Loop (Reverse Direction)

Mt Evans - Pikes Peak Challenge

Pikes Peak - Mt Evans Challenge (Reverse)

Peak-to-Peak Double Century

Slumgullion Slayer Double Century

Stove Prairie Stampede Double Century

Tarryall Thrasher Double Century

Vail Octopus

Please e-mail me with additional questions, Mark Lowe: