Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Grand Loop Updates

Last updated: 7/25/12, 10:27 pm

Please check this blog page periodically over the next 2 days for the lastest information regarding this upcoming Saturday's Grand Loop:

Registration closes Thursday evening at 7:00 pm. Please contact Mark Lowe for last minute questions regarding prequalification and preregistration ( 

Rocky Mountain National Park:
Remember to bring your National Parks pass or $10 to enter RMNP. Your Grand Loop entry fee covers the costs of running the event, but does not cover your entry into the park.

Road Construction and Traffic: 
In spite of the road construction on the service roads to the east of Idaho Springs, we are still planning to ride the original Grand Loop course at this time. As mentioned previously, CDOT is using shuttles to transport cyclists through the frontage road that is under construction. Wait times for the shuttle have been variable...10-15 minutes per report. Construction is expected to continue on July 28th on the day we ride the Grand Loop. It is very likely that riders who arrive at the construction site earlier in the afternoon will face delays at the construction site. Because of these expected delays, we are planning on having an event volunteer at the construction site who will record rider times when they arrive at and pass through construction zone. This time will be deducted from the rider's finishing time. Again this is not ideal for a timed bicycle event, but given the situation, this is the best we can do at present time. We have made contact with the CDOT project manager and they have assured us that they will do their best to accommodate the Grand Loop.

The other area of concern is US 93, between 64th Ave. and Leyden Road. Road crews are still in the process of widening the shoulders on this section of road. It is very likely that this project will not be completed by July 28th. Between 64th Ave. and Leyden Road (less than two mile section), there is no shoulder at present time. Riders need to be very careful when riding this section as there is a sharp drop-off on the shoulder on both sides of the road!! There is also a 25 yard section of grooved pavement as riders approach Leyden Road. Fortunately, riders can expect that traffic should be fairly light at 3:00 am. Bottom line: please be very careful north of Golden. We don't want your Grand Loop to end early because of a crash!

One last final note: Saturday celebrates Buffalo Bill Days in Golden. Please expect heavy traffic as you make your final descent into Golden. Please ride very carefully!!