Sunday, May 19, 2013

Foothills Climbfest

Scenic views of High Grade Road, twisting its way back toward Deer Creek Canyon

The RMCC Foothills Climbfest, which will be contested Saturday, April 7, 2018, is a mainstay on the RMCC calendar. It is the longest standing RMCC Challenge Series event. And for many riders, it is one of the final "tune-ups" for the Colorado Triple Crown. Starting in Ken Caryl, the Climbfest is a true test of cycling perseverance, climbing over 8,000 feet in 80 miles. The route features five climbs in the foothills to the southwest of Denver:
  • Deer Creek Canyon/High Grade Road (a true foothills classic!)
  • Shadow Mountain/Brook Forest
  • Parmalee Gulch Road
  • High Drive Road
  • Brook Forest/Shadow Mountain (in reverse) 
Like other RMCC Challenge Series events, the Climbfest is not officially a race...but it's as close to a race as any event on the RMCC calendar! Riders are encouraged to push themselves to the maximum limit of their cycling abilities. And as always, friendly competition is encouraged!

The Climbfest also happens to be the RMCC club ride. RMCC members and non-members are more than welcome to ride the course along with Climbfest participants. However, only participants in the Climbfest will be allowed to use the RMCC support vehicles to obtain extra water along the course.

Red rocks formations at South Valley Park

A few notes about the Climbfest:
  • Date: Saturday, April 7, 2018
  • Time: Check in 7:00 am - 7:50 am. You will not be able to check in after 7:50 am. Ride starts promptly at 8:00 am.
  • Start/End location: Ken Caryl RTD Park-n-Ride in Littleton, CO
  • Registration: Pre-registration is encouraged! Registration will open 3/1/2018. This allows us to figure out how much water we need to bring! However, RMCC membership is REQUIRED to participate in this event. If you are not a member and would like to ride, please bring your RMCC membership application and $25 to the ride start. Here's a link to the on-line RMCC membership.
  • Course:  Here is a link to the course map/cue sheet, which is also available on the RMCC webpage: Foothills Climbfest. Please familiarize yourself the course before the day of the event! This is an "open-road" event. The roads are open to traffic, there are no course markings or marshals...just you and your fellow competitors! As such, participants need to ride defensively with safety as their utmost priority!! Riders must follow the rules of the road!!
  • Results: Please keep in mind that this is a "timed" event. Participants have 7 hours to complete the entire course to receive an official finishing time. Results, including rider splits at checkpoints, will be posted in finishing order on the RMCC webpage, including age and gender. Rider's splits will be recorded at the following checkpoints along the course: 1) Top of Shadow Mountain Drive (Closing time: 10:20), 2) Base of High Drive Road (Closing time: 11:50), 3) Top of Shadow Mountain Drive (Closing time: 13:45), 4) Finish: Ken Caryl RTD Park-n-Ride (Closing time: 15:00). 
  • Support vehicles: RMCC will provide two support vehicles for this event. The support vehicles will be stocked with water and ice. Riders may keep additional supplies that they will need to successfully complete the event in the support vehicles.
  • Course records, Men: Mark Lowe, 2011 (4:23, 18:48 mph), Women: Mindy Gehrs, 2014 (5:06, 15.90 mph)
Views of Denver in the distance from Deer Creek Canyon