Thursday, October 24, 2019

2019 Colorado Triple Crown Finishers

Congratulations to the following riders for completing the 2019 Colorado Triple Crown:

Graham Barnes (4)
Michael Bass (2)
Blaine Bates (1)
Jonathan Fey (1)
Dustin Harding (1)
Keith Jensen (3)
Mark Lowe (10)
Tom Miller (9)
Rich Rodgers (2)
Ray Rupel (6)
Rico Stephen (2)
Andy Stockman (3)
Jason Turner (1)
Mike Turek (2)
Corinne Warren (5)

A few notes:
  1. Congratulations to Corinne Warren for winning the Triple Crown Stage Race. This year's event included the Colorado High Country Double Century, Cripple Creek Crippler, and Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop. 
  2. Congratulations to this year's rookie class: Blaine Bates, Jonathan Fey, Dustin Harding, and Jason Turner
  3. Congratulations to Ray Rupel who, at 65 years young, becomes the oldest rider to complete the Colorado Triple Crown Series! Truly amazing, Ray! 
Special thanks again to all of this season's amazing volunteers! Thanks so much for your help!
Chris Baker
Will deRosset
Jonathan Fey
Dustin Harding
Keith Jensen
Oksana Kovalenko
Dave Nelson
Ray Rupel
Rico Stephen
Nat Schub
Erika Van Meter
Corinne Warren