Sunday, May 29, 2011

Denver-to-Aspen: How the heck do I get home after the ride???

Gettng home from Aspen after the big ride has always been a dilemma for many Denver-to-Aspen participants. Well, here are some suggestions for getting home:

1) Encourage your family or friends to meet you in Aspen! You can spend the rest of the weekend exploring the Aspen area with them and they can help transport you and your bike back home afterward.

2) Many riders use personal SAG vehicles, driven by family or friends, to support them during the ride. Please feel free to use the comments section below to try to find participants who might have extra space in their vehicles for transporting you and your bike back to Littleton!

3) Consider spending the night in Aspen or Glenwood Springs and then riding back the next day! I know this sounds crazy, but this would actually be excellent training for longer 24 hour events and multi-day events!

4) A group of riders who does not have transportation back to Denver could arrange to rent a large SUV or van to transport their bikes and gear back to the Denver area...

Please let us know if you have additional ideas!