Monday, May 23, 2011

General Information

1)   The Colorado Triple Crown, presented by the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC), is a series of three (approximately) 200 mile timed bicycling events. These events are currently the three most difficult single-day double century road cycling events in the state of Colorado.

2)   The purpose of the RMCC Colorado Triple Crown is to promote the growth and development of ultra-cycling in the state of Colorado, encourage participation in long-distance cycling events, and recognize individual cyclists for their accomplishments and hard work.

3)   The events of the Colorado Triple Crown are NOT races; however, each stage is ridden as single-day, draft-legal timed cycling event.  Each stage has an overall time limit and each participant must complete each event in the designated time to receive an official finishing time. When participating in a Triple Crown event, the primary goal is simply to finish safely! However, participants are encouraged to challenge themselves and put their best effort into each event!

4)   Cyclists do NOT have to participate in all 3 stages. Participants may pick-and-choose which events they would like to participate in. Each official finisher will be recognized for his/her accomplishment! However, in order to earn the designation of Colorado Triple Crown Finisher, a cyclist must successfully complete all three stages in a single calendar year.

5)   These events are not "organized tours." You will not get fancy aid stations or an elaborate post-ride pasta dinner. You will not get a plastic bag full of event memorabilia. You will not get a personal massage after completing your event. You will not get a sparkly "I did it!" medal. Instead, you will earn the pride, recognition, and bragging rights of completing one (if not all) of the most difficult and spectacular sporting events on two wheels in the state of Colorado!

6)   Each event will be minimally supported with at least one support-and-gear (SAG) vehicle that will carry water and gear bags. Each participant is responsible for providing a well-marked gear bag containing additional supplies (food, clothing, and other gear) that he/she might require to successfully complete the ride. Cyclists may access their gear bags at checkpoints along each course.  

7)   Please be forewarned: each event of the Colorado Triple Crown is VERY challenging!!! At a distance of approximately 200 miles—and many thousands of vertical feet of climbing—each event is an extremely difficult physical and mental feat!!! Cyclists must be somewhat self-sufficient and be comfortable riding up to 40 miles without support. An "I can do it!" attitude is fantastic but will likely NOT be adequate to successfully complete the events of the Colorado Triple Crown! You need to come prepared for your event!