Saturday, June 9, 2012

Denver-to-Aspen: One Day and Counting!

June 16th is almost here! It's one week and counting until next weekend's Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic! Here's a few extra notes for next weekend's event:

1) Weather: The weather forecast still looks pretty good for next Saturday for Littleton, Fairplay, and Aspen. However, there is currently is a 30% chance of rain showers (some could be severe) in the Denver area with highs in the low 80s in Denver. Riders should be prepared for possibility of rain!

2) Registration: You need to have pre-registered for this event! Registration for this event is now closed. If you missed the window to register, we hope you will consider trying in 2013!  

3) Check-In: Rider check-in begins at 3:00 AM at the Ken Caryl and C-470 RTD Park-n-Ride. The ride starts at 4:00 AM. Please be ready 15 minutes early for pre-ride instructions.

4) Gear Bags: All riders may provide a well-marked (BIG letters, easy to read) gear bag that can be placed in our primary support vehicle prior to the start of the ride. Coolers are acceptable.

5) Course notes:  As of June 8, 2011, CDOT is not reporting any delays from road construction on Hwy 285, Hwy 24, or Hwy 82. Please do not miss the turn for Smith Way, which is the second-to-last turn before reaching Woody Creek! It is easy to miss, especially after a long day in the saddle. Remember: it is one of the first right-hand turns after passing the Aspen Airport (which is to the west).

6) RMCC support vehicles: We are planning on having two RMCC support vehicles for this ride. Support vehicles will be stocked with extra water, a floor pump, (and hopefully a spare set of wheels, Shimano-compatible, 10-speed cassette). The primary vehicle will be driven by Charlie Henderson (cell phone: 720-480-9714). Participants riding without private SAG support should plan to use this support vehicle to transport gear bags. These gear bags will be accessible at checkpoints along the course. Participants riding with private SAG support must register their support vehicle (name of driver, cell phone number, make/model of vehicle, and license number) with Charlie prior to the start of the ride. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Please e-mail Charlie ( with this information by Thursday, June 14, or if it is last second, please bring a note card with this information and give this to Charlie prior to the start of the ride.

7) Checkpoints/Passports: After much debate, we have decided to use event passports again this year. This enables riders to record their times if they get ahead of our support vehicles. All riders should plan to have their event passports validated at the following official checkpoints: 1) Conifer (the RTD Park-n-Ride on the north side of Hwy 285), 2) Kenosha Pass Summit, 3) Buena Vista (the intersection of Hwy 24 and Linderman Avenue along the right side of the road), 4) Twin Lakes store, and 5) Woody Creek Tavern. Finishers should have their event passports validated by Charlie or RMCC staff at the Woody Creek Tavern. If Charlie is not present at the finish, you can mail your event card to: Charlie Henderson, 2 Blue Grouse Ridge Road, Littleton, CO 80127.

8) Additonal Support Points: All riders with personal support vehicles can receive support at the above checkpoints AND at the following locations: 1) Bailey (Conoco station on the right) and 2) Fairplay (the Sinclair/Strip mall on the right as you enter town), 3) Independence Pass summit.

9) Special notes about support: 1) If the weather turns nasty, support can be anywhere! 2) There are no guarantees that official SAG vehicle will be able support riders at Twin Lakes store. Faster riders may out-run the support vehicle after Buena Vista and will not be to access their gear bags after leaving Buena Vista. These riders need to plan ahead and bring the supplies and gear that they will need to complete this ride! Remember: temperatures will likely be considerably colder on top of Independence Pass! Additional water can be purchased at the Twin Lakes store, but not on Independence Pass.

10) Time cut-offs: To successfully complete Denver-to-Aspen, you must get to Buena Vista expeditiously! Riders should plan to take the shortest breaks possible at checkpoints and support points. To ensure rider safety, we have two time cut-offs: 1) Buena Vista: 3:00 pm, 2) Twin Lakes store: 5:00 pm. If riders do not arrive at these checkpoints by these times, they will not receive official finishing time. 3) Woody Creek. Riders must reach the Woody Creek Tavern by 7:00 pm to receive Colorado Triple Crown credit and qualify for the other events of the Triple Crown. Riders who reach Woody Creek after 9:00 pm will not receive an official finishing time. It is RMCC policy to not have participants finish this ride by descending Indendence Pass in the dark!

11) Safety: Please ride with extra caution durign the event at the following locations: 1) Pine Junction to Baily: watch for rumble strips!, 2) Trout Creek Pass: the shoulder narrows considerably as Hwy 285 descends into Johnson Village. Traffic is fairly brisk! 3) Independence Pass (Aspen side): Hwy 82 is often littered with rocks and there are several large potholes on the descent into Aspen! The road is also very narrow in places and can have lots of traffic!

12) Abandonment: If you need to abandon the ride for any reason, please call Charlie Henderson at 720-480-9714 as soon as possible to let him know! Additionally, if you are going to leave Twin Lakes after 4:00 pm or arrive in Woody Creek after 8:00 pm, please call Charlie to let him know! We don't want to spend all night worrying about where you are! Please note that we do not sweep the course!

13) Emergencies: If you have an accident or injury that requires emergent attention, please call 911. Please call Charlie ASAP to let him know!

14) Event Rules: Please review the event rules before the ride on Saturday: